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for Don't Let Me Down

8/5/2003 c7 RealityTrance
Wicked story! more!
8/5/2003 c7 aki
This fic is great! Keep going! I love Kietro fics! weho!
8/5/2003 c7 2Raven Allerdyce
^^ Still good
8/5/2003 c6 17Mae Liz
Doing good! It sounded great! It was really good! BTW, FYI, I may have my update up Sunday or Monday! I am so happy with myself! Sorry, that is definantly off topic. ok, I am ending this here before I really start to ramble! Sorry!
8/5/2003 c7 1X-Girl4
*Hands over a energy drink and a bag of Pikie sticks* Here yea go.If it keeps yea righting.*Smiles innocently*
8/5/2003 c7 47melissarxy1
Dude, great job, can't wait for the morning after
8/5/2003 c6 Aqueous Drake
Plz write more
8/5/2003 c6 Aqueous Drake
Plz write more
8/5/2003 c6 1X-Girl4
Great update! I wonder if Remy and Rogue are stuck togeather?I'll just have to wait and find out, non?
8/5/2003 c6 4Mysfit Chyld
Haha! They are stuck in a cabin! I love it? Where could Rogue and Remy be? Only the shadow...er... quicksilverzgurl knows. Lol well update soon
8/5/2003 c6 RealityTrance
COOL COOL COOL! more more more now ya hear me! I want more now! dammit! lol. Great story. Cute. ^_^ MORE!
8/4/2003 c6 Dragontamer Shippy-o
ok for some reason this piece of crap is making me 'dragontamer14' but this is really dragontamer shippy-o. neway...o! theyre STUCK! its getting so kewl! keep going and i look very much forward 2 reading the next chap.
8/4/2003 c5 7SugarProphet
Great fanfic! Hehe. I can't believe Kitty threw the remote at Pietro's eye. Kietro rules!
8/4/2003 c5 4Mysfit Chyld
Hey good chapter. I was wonderin if you still wanted ideas. IF so you should get Pietro and Kitty snowed into one of the cabins. *Evil grin* hint hint... then have them find out that maybe Remy or Rogue (or both) or somone else was in the cabin. I dont know. I just thought that would be funny. Well update soon.
8/4/2003 c5 1X-Girl4
Nice chapter.Kindof sweet.
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