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for Don't Let Me Down

8/4/2003 c5 1pietrosgirl
oh i like this story! add more chapters! lots and lots and lots and lots and lots...(hehe...me overly hyper right now) i like this story!
8/3/2003 c4 47melissarxy1
Great job so far. I hope you'll continue soon
8/3/2003 c5 17Mae Liz
It is just getting better and better! This is really going to stink if I can't get on the computer the rest of the week b/c of band! I will be so mad!
8/3/2003 c4 Mae Liz
I was laughing really hard! It was really funny! Great Job! Keep up the good work! Can't wait to read the next chapter!
8/3/2003 c3 Mae Liz
Great Story! I am liking it a lot! It's really really good.Anyway, thank you for reviewing my story. Back to the point, I can't wait until you update! This is really good! Hey, wait, I already said that! Oh well. Great story!
8/3/2003 c4 Firefly4000
*claps* wow! pretty god so far hehehehehe, can't wait to read more lol
8/3/2003 c4 1X-Girl4
Great 2 chapters!Loved them.LMAO!Remy grabed rogue and Pietro got hit in the eye.lol.What happened to his speed?
8/3/2003 c4 2LuLuDucky
Keep going I like the story!
8/3/2003 c3 buhbi babi
kool start keep it up

cant w8 and hav a gr8 bday and holiday
8/2/2003 c2 17Mae Liz
This is a really good story. Can anyone tell me what is up with the 2 beside my penname? I didn't put it there! Anyway, sorry for rambling.
8/2/2003 c2 7SugarProphet
This is a very interesting fanfic. Please continue. Oh, and Kietro rules! ^_^
8/2/2003 c2 Dragontamer Shippy-o
oh...! stupid cligg...oops...cliffhangers! :(
8/2/2003 c2 1X-Girl4
Intresting..hey how could you leave us in such a place?
8/2/2003 c1 2horses4fun12
i think this is a great story. i heard somewhere that pietro has a ruby red earring. is that true?
8/2/2003 c1 Kat
Yay! Who doesn't love a little Kietro every once in a while? A crash on the ski slopes between the two and a forced pairing on a ski lift will do the trick! Especially if one of them falls off!
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