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for Forgotten love

10/1/2012 c20 1MikoKagome
2/23/2012 c15 1StoryBeta
If you want I can be your beta and Idea person? and Sesshomaru has a tail btw.
1/15/2010 c20 6Crystal-Tiger82674
great story
5/14/2009 c20 4Serenity Dinago
b-but i need more
7/11/2007 c19 DemonessKatana
Please update! Don't take so long because it's killing me to wait. PLEASE!
5/29/2007 c19 4elemental573
oh great story so far, i'm hooked! Please update soon, can't wait to see what happens next. How will the next two days affect her? Please update soon.
4/16/2007 c19 sam
What do you mean in the next two days? what's going to happen?

Please update soon!
11/10/2006 c19 erika
hehe i liked ur story! u gotta update more. I see u haven't updated since 2005. lol almost been two years. hope you update tho cuz ur story is awesome
9/6/2006 c19 Amphibious Psycho
no i want you to finish it
8/2/2006 c19 4Kimster44
6/25/2006 c19 Angela
I really like your story!

Please, update soon.
4/16/2006 c14 32Memories-of-the-Shadows
I really like your stories. I noticed that you've been asking for a beta and I would be glad to do it. My email is
4/1/2006 c19 13Cartoon Shakespeare
Ohh! i so hafta find out what happens in two days! I love it your plot, characters, and idea is so well thought out

here have a cookie! Wonderful Job!
2/6/2006 c19 3Emi Lost In Wonderland
more please this is really really really good
12/19/2005 c19 1pink weasel
update soon.
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