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for So this is how it ends, this is how it began

9/1/2003 c5 3Chibi Babe
HEY! great work. its real kewl. but, everything seems so ..formal? and teh darien ive seen on telly..isnt he a real bastard to serena? i cant put my finger on it...yer its too formal, the way they do stuff, how ami just appears and randomly, although being in different skools, knows shes failin math...hmm but otehr than that GREAT! is there gonna b sailor moon stuff? or just the wholr rei thing...*sniff* so SAD! well look forward to seein more!:D TOODLES!
8/31/2003 c5 3PyroChic
Wow, so sad. I have tears in my eyes. I feel so sorry for Serena. loosing a best-friend can be tough. I would hate to loose mine. I'm now inspired to write a drama fic. I really, really dramatic one. Update!

8/28/2003 c4 valerie
nice, i usually dont like sad stories but yours has this happiness within the sad. Great work! i cant wait to read more so hurry!
8/11/2003 c3 3Chibi Babe
aww so it was so SAD! lol well i luv it! GO USAGI! hehe CAT FIGHT! *meow* write more asap!

8/5/2003 c1 Chibi Babe
OMG! thats so sad! who is it? Molly? oen of teh scouts? nearly made me cry...:( well write more ASAP! so many unanswered questions. its written realy well...i LUV IT!

8/4/2003 c1 1crystalgem2003
it definitely has potential. maybe just a little longer next time. and put the little ~ things inbetween where you're just talking and the real story. it helps the readers to distinguish where the story starts and ends, you know? keep on updating!

8/4/2003 c1 Le-chan
It's good so far and also caught my attention. Update soon!
8/4/2003 c1 Guest
interesting.. more!

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