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6/2/2004 c5 Aegis
I feel sorry for Samuel, punching himself in the face just to *try* to get DE to shut up XD.

Also feel sorry for Davie, since he's not separated from the two by bars. Not very safe for him.

And yes I'm totally confused about this 'plan' now. @.@
3/1/2004 c4 afi will kill you with a spork
tolbooths! woohoo!
but do you know, wobbly headed bob, i have no clue what you are on about.
maybe you will explain.
can there be necrophilia this time around?
2/29/2004 c4 36MikoNoNyte
OOh, plot set up time! Nice back and forth discussion, Gre... uh, Janet's ghost is it now? :shakes head: okay.
Purpose, design and history are all here; you handled, what could have been mere expostualation, with great ease "janet". I was expecting a lecture and instead had a conversaion, yeah!
As I had thought from the original version of this, Bacon has a plan. Now the question is, how badly will the fusions, and a certain "key" mess that up?
Good chapter.
And sorry it took so long for my review. Bad Kim
2/29/2004 c3 MikoNoNyte
Ops, I missed this one too, huh? Bad me!
Dark, very dark. Visiting the inside of a nearly insane Harmonixer who has a companion in his brain is a little like playing with a red-hot frying pan. Ouch!
The writing is tight, descriptive and I have a clear picture of what you are saying. How's that for scary, Grey? Good addition. Short, but I'll take it!
Now, on for chapter 4!
2/21/2004 c4 70ariescelestial
Hm, I always thought Olga was in it to kill more people. .
'That one is still behaving like an immature teenager after almost two thousand years... And the Harmonixer is a bloody priest.'
What, Bacon doesn't like priests? Don't you have to be a priest to be a cardinal? ::pokes Simon::
'And then there's Death Emperor who has taken his ham-fisted overdramatic tactics...'
I've got a mental image of Death Emperor as a boxer, challenging all comers. It's quite odd.
Hm. Much foreshadowing. Much confusion. Definitely confusion. Maybe more than Shadow Souls :p Want more.
1/12/2004 c1 hunter's eyebrows
i have a hell of a lot of a question list to ask:
1. wait a minute. weren't there more kids?
2. shouldn't it be the canongate? or am i missing some point?
3. why has nobody noticed that ye bynman had apparently murdered his child?
4. have you in fact bumped us for javey?
5. is there anything to replace marbles or is annie less relevant than janet?
6. is ye olde rhyme of bluidy mackingie in fact real and therefor a valid thing to sing at anyone with the surname mackenzie?
7. can this go to hallow fair, the tolbooth or the canongate at all?
8. did fishy actually say that?
9. can kaphael be a total biatch like last time cos i wuved him?
and finally 10. who IS helen mill? can she be in this, the K-E, a one-shot, ANYTHING? even in a JAVEY!
12/29/2003 c3 ye olde necrophylyac naymed lyls not ye olde suicydal bynman
um... oh my god this is like all the fault of a seventeenth century binman who probably didn't exist in the first place! ::has complete hysterics:: oh you poor poor little thing. i will give you counselling.
how are the evil things in your head doing today?
still being suicidal?
is there anything you would like to talk about?
that is not "what is the best way to kill a leels"?
and people say museums are BORING.
BY the way. . . . . . .
i might actually remember being in that museum when i was this tiny little kid and obviously when i still lived in edinbrurgh... well duh... but is that the place with the punk guy in it? oh my GOD! this punk dude with like a black top on?
i dun remember your family of mentalists at all but imagine if it is that museum! woop! we ARE on the same planet!
9/27/2003 c2 36MikoNoNyte
Okay Grey! The description of that crucifix is incredible! What? You stood in that church and wrote it down, right? Wow! I could see each detail. *shudder* And the description of Gabriel: is that too from the "Gabriel" of the SH game? I've never seen an icon with him so I don't know what he supposedly looks like. But it sounds like the one from SH. (In his left hand he hold a sceptre, in his right, he holds a white lily. Yuri. Oh, I'm seing layers that probably aren't there, huh? ) Overall, great attention to detail! And I actually like your version of Heaven's Fiend. What a delightful little guy; makes me want to run and hide! :)

Sorry about the rain (like I could do anything about that!), and good luck in your tent.


PS: sorry it took so long to post. Firstly I forgot, then I couldn't get in. :shrugs:
9/1/2003 c2 leelzey
fishyboi is a mosher!


did that make sense to people who don't know the Mission and the Rev?

but shadow hearts is a good fandom for mission/rev jokes, lol!

hmm. albert simon is a PURE BAM!
8/14/2003 c1 necroleeliac
la la la, i fnally have an email adress. . . .

anyway. . . .


you are Obsessed with this ya know.

but i will not complain because it will get necrophiliac (okay. i admit it. i have that word on copy and paste!) in later chapters.

you're not sticking shoggoths in this too are ya? you're Obsessed with them too. and just in case you hadn't noticed you're Obsessed with AFI and the white stripes also.

and other stuff like that.

oh yeah, and what the FUCK are you talking about "death emperor spoke dalian"? what sorta language is DALIAN? random little person.
8/8/2003 c1 MikoNoNyte
"luminous smear on the cloud blanket" right off the bat you've got a hook. Nice image ...

hypnogognia ... I never found that in the Unabridged; nor muscly either for that matter. Spelling? Or does it show up in your book? I used Online unabridged Webster’s.

Death Emperor speaks Dalian? I wondered at first, if you were making an error. But upon reflection, perhaps he speaks the tongue that was spoken in the area that BECAME Dalian?

Interesting idea, having the talisman and malice different for each Harmonixer. And then the means whereby they remove said malice. I would guess that those long nights you've been spending in your local graveyard have been well worth it!

Also, interesting foreshadowing of things to come, with the necessity of Annie's death ... "it will be for the good of the whole world." I shudder at what DE thinks is good for the world. (however, he may be right. What do I, a lowly mortal, know of these things?)

Whew! What a re-write! Considerable improvement, writing is tight, clear and vivid. Why ever does your English teacher say you cannot write? ::shakes head:: Methinks your teacher needs a brain transplant!

By the way, Elder Sign was performed by Baldo.

8/4/2003 c1 aegis
Wow...lots of re-writing.

So are you going to tell us why the six people had to get stuck with fusion souls? And if everyone gets Malice, why aren't there more people being hunted down by gods of death?

I want to throttle Death Emperor for killing Annie.

About your A/N...I think it's actually one of Yuri's Light class fusions that does Elder Sign. Though I might be wrong. How does it relate to Lovecraft?
8/4/2003 c1 12Nights Mistress
And there is a *very* brief reference to a Seer somewhere in there, it’s nothing to do with Spectral Sight and just means a psychic, only I don’t think Samuel would even know what a psychic is, it’s much more likely he’d have used ‘Seer’. Just in case there’s any confusion.

I'm not that paranoid...am I? No-one answer that!

Very nice rewrite. Very nice. Allow me to drool. If I could draw, there would be fanart.

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