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12/11/2003 c6 Leona-Lotus
I like the alternate ending better. You're really good.
11/19/2003 c6 1SeraphicRadiance
Awesome story.

Both endings were incredible and the first one almost brought me to tears (which is a hard thing to do). Keep up the good story-writing.
9/29/2003 c6 aegis
Yay! This was definitely better than the other alternate ending (or the alternate alternate ending), so this one's like the happy happy ending!

Alice: ::stares in disbelief::

Are people allowed to have dead muses? My muse is dead. Maybe that's why there's so little inspiration.

Alice: Careful, or I *will* haunt you.

(She's just mad about Yuri's comment when Margarete hugged him ^^.)

Alice: ::stalks off to haunt Yuri::
9/29/2003 c6 greyfriars
Happy ending! Although the last ending was kinda happy too, suppose not so much for Margarete but. And this would work as a direct bridge between SH and SH2, i think. (I'm getting right confused about what's going on in SH2, it's prolly Feem's fault. I remember now he said something about Yuri/Kallen, blame him. (Oh, and in case you haven't met Feem, cuz I don't think he reviews anything much, he is yet another random SH fan with an internet connection and a lot of time on his hands, mostly posts on the Nemeton Online board cuz there are no rules of any kind and he thinks Leels fancies him, but I'm not sure what this has to do with anything.))

Um, fic. That was what the point of these review thingys are. Well rounded critique and all that. Did I say this last time, but the bits where you've changed the game dialogue are better than what it was in the game.
9/12/2003 c5 13Aberlemno
Aww! That's so sweet at the end there! Very clever bringing SH2 into things =)

The screwed up memories are amazing as well. Especially that one with Dehuai.

And the thing where he marries her corpse is cool too.
9/7/2003 c5 Loki
**twitch, start crying** THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! It was a good ending at least I think so. That was awesome how you got it to rlate to Shadow Hearts 2. Anyway, please wite another fic! This was so awesome!
9/4/2003 c5 aegis

::goes off to sniff with tissue::

:p More seriously...I loved Yuri's visions where he was all confused. Especially the ones were he ate Alice and got married to her by Roger Bacon.

And this part:

Halley, his hat askew from the earlier fight, turned to look at Yuri.

“What is it with you? Can’t you do anything without thinking in your pants?”

Back again to Yuri's tendency to think with his lower regions, but it seems kind of...freaky when he's screwing all the other memories up too.

I like how Nicholas got put in. Kallen didn't really do anything though. Hmm...what else?

Oh. I forgot to mention it, but (I think it was last chapter)...ALICE SLAPPED YURI! ::celebrates the slapping of Yuri::

Alice: ...
8/29/2003 c4 aegis
"But the next time Alice did Advent, Yuri was treated to the black lace panties!"

Any other woman, he would've been treated to a slap. At least his nether regions chose wisely ^^.

Hmm...and it sounds like Alice is being a guardian angel for Yuri, or trying to be. At least, that's what it seems like to me.

And Margarete is off escorting some priest. Really, what WERE they thinking?

I don't get it-did you change anything about this chapter? I didn't notice anything...
8/28/2003 c4 12Nights Mistress
Allow me to snicker at the males think with their brains remark. I have yet to meet a male that does so. Therefore, *snicker*

Do so love the panties. Nice to know other people were thinking the same thing I was.

Poor, poor Yuri. Nice to know he's getting beaten up by another author though.
8/28/2003 c4 leeliac
you know the NAME of your next CHAPTER? woot, some people are so oragnised. . . i don't know the name of my next lesson. . . ( hmm lessee, it's science but that hardly is the point. normally i dun't.)

is this preist dude going to have something to do with the ugly one from shadow hearts 2? if it is can you kill him off? please? he looks like a big chav who found god or something, and chavs are evil and christians are freaky so that's like ARGH! O_o
8/17/2003 c3 Nights Mistress
Wow. Must save, so can read again and again and again and again (you get the idea)

Very, very cool.
8/17/2003 c3 necro leelsy person
zombies! cute! heh, miss mam fancies yuri!

and that flashbackk in the tent is so funny.

heard of sleepwalking but yuri has to go one further! :D
8/17/2003 c3 13Aberlemno
So Yuri has gone into some sort of hallucination world? Or totally insane? *More* totally insane than before?

Suppose it's luck for Margarete she stopped looking for him just now, if she'd turned up then she'd've prolly got killed. But maybe he'll never come out of that state. Maybe he'll think she is Alice... O.o. . . . . okay. I'm spraffing way too much.

“Is this a fight?  Or a Sunday Social?” I love that line. Yuri's got some good lines in here. Like when he's yelling at Halley, that's brilliant.
8/16/2003 c3 aegis
Yay! First to review for this chappie. At least I think so...

"Shut up, short shit!" -Yuri discovering his talent for alliteration. ^^ The whole proposal is funny with his delivery, reaction, and Halley's interruption.

I still don't know what pigeon toed means though. ^^;;

Yuri's memories are cute, but right now he's pretty scary. He doesn't remember that Alice is dead and he thinks German soldiers are monsters and kills them. o.o EEp. If he met Margarete, would he recognize her? ::ponders::

"Alive and well and looking good enough to eat!" o.o Margarete just wants a piece of him, doesn't she?

. And then she leaves him! Well, she does have her own duty...

I think Alice's deal with the masks would be permanent, but different interpretations are good. Because it means MORE FANFICS!

Alice: ...I think that's the root beer kicking in...
8/14/2003 c2 necrophiliac leels person
oh. coolness.

this is such a good story.

"i had a bath in shanghai!" :D typical yuriness.

and i noticed that the peaches thing raminds aegis of a song, well, that reminds me of a song which is just called peaches, i can't make out the lyrics, and i can't find the lyrics on the internet, but anyway i thought i would point that out. i think i'd like the lyrics if i could hear them. O_o

what was the point in me sayin that?

the sad ending is the best ending for fics. i don't know what can hapen after the happy ending anyway.

i cannot wait for next chapter.

(btw, how is that pg13 language? not that i'm complaining. is it true that in america they have randomated rating systems where swearing is counted more bad than violence? or is it just that in scotland everybody swears all the time anyway? whatever.)
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