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10/27/2020 c2 Scot
This is a BRILL vignette!
4/25/2006 c2 AreYouTuggin'MaSquirrel
I come from Falkirk and there is a memorial where they think the battle might have took place that everbody calls the Pencil (pronounced pincil).

I think the first chapter would have been better in third person to give more of a tension because I felt the narrators tone wasn't tense enough.

Did you get the idea for these vignettes from the book The Wallace? I hope it wasn't from the films, they couldn't be further from the truth. And what hurts most, especially being a Scot, is that they have a pokey wee statue of Mel Gibson as Wallace at the bottom of the Monument. It baffles me how any Scot can think such a brave yet flawed man could ever be represented by that statue. Especially when it does the great man no justice physically.

I liked the stories but maybe I'm just too over critical due to my patriotism.
1/9/2006 c1 6LongshotMike
The story is good. You've displayed an obvious grasp of the simple narrative. But where is the feeling? There is a total lack of emotion in your writing voice. You've written this story in the plainest of monotones. It's completely numb.
7/18/2004 c1 6Red Dragon10
Oh please, please write some more! I would love to see one from Stephen's[my favorite character]POV. I really liked the way you handled this story; short and sweet. It had an abrupt nature too it - very real - and yet at the same time, it was poetic. Good job, and please write more Braveheart fiction.
5/13/2004 c2 Eco Warrior
These are very good stories and it's refreshing to see somthing other than Murron, William or Issabellas POV about each other. Please continiue i really want to see a 3 POV
10/8/2003 c2 7Shapeshifting Author
This chapter brings material of entertainment that are fresh and welcomed to my reading eyes. Yes, very cool. Thank you for writing the chapter.
9/10/2003 c2 8Lioness1
Love it again! I never read any books on Wallace...havent had the time, but you've opened my eyes to seeing past what the movie tells. Your second story is just as good as the first, you should be happy! Your writing connects on every level of human touch, feeling, and description in the readers' minds, and I hope to see a third one coming soon!
8/29/2003 c1 Wawoot
Ah! No! Beautifully written, wonderful details, but I'm still very upset about the ending... Well done :)
8/12/2003 c1 7Shapeshifting Author
After reading this, I think you should go ahead with your series of POV's. The description was wonderful, and your take on William Wallace is correct, and easily put on screen. Well done!
8/9/2003 c1 8Lioness1
I love it1 Very well written and tasteful...you really capture the essence of Scotland...please continue to do short stories...and thanx for reviewing for my story, alongside wallace...its been awhile since I've looked at, since I wrote it last year, and i've grown so much as a writer that some parts embarrass me...hmm, maybe I'll edit it now, lol.

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