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for The Lioness and the Puppy Dog

5/3/2007 c4 7Princess Yue
AW! This story was so cute! I love it! You're such a good writer, there was so much emotion and fluff! It made me so happy! Joey is my puppy dog, not Mai's. Back off! Fantastic story.
7/19/2005 c1 reviewer dude
it sorta reminded me of cinderella, cuz mai just randomly left joey...but cinderella kinda sweet...
2/21/2005 c4 59Chikorita-Trainer1
Aw shucks. That's so freakin' cute!
6/13/2004 c4 42RoxyFoxy
I think you should keep on going with the story. :) I really love it please continue
2/20/2004 c4 Jieli
How did I miss this chapter? Well, that was really cute! Joey chasing after Mai..he's so sweet. I have this nice feeling inside..after reading everything he said...aww
I definitely think you should continue, extend them getting together a little. They would probably have problems sorting out their relationship, and this is written very well. I hope you keep going! Joey/Mai is one of my favorites but it seems to be dying out.
11/7/2003 c4 KJ Wheeler
KJ: Ohmigoshohmigoshohmigosh YAY!

Kristanity: They are back toge-ther!

KJ: Hahaha! YAY!

Love and cheer from KJ and her yami, Kristanity!

*cheesy music plays*
10/29/2003 c4 wheelershanyou
Wonderful! I think it was one of the most beautiful written works for a JoeyMai fic. I could just picture him holding her and hear him whispering in her ear about being sorry. I nearly cried there. And I absolutely love the whole dream sequence of Mai's. The thought of her being held close in Red Eyes' wing. That's sweet.

Well, if you do continue it, I'm sure it'll be great. I mean I love it as it is, so whatever you decide...If you do update, I'll be back! Great job!
9/27/2003 c4 Sassy-Fox
Keep going! It's a great story!
9/20/2003 c4 Red Roses2
To think I read this in two minutes! This chapter was awesome! And rather long. I can't believe I read it in two minutes! Well, continue please!
9/19/2003 c2 Jieli
watching stars together is so romantic.. *sighs*. poor mai..joey just running off.. i like how you write things straight and to the point
9/19/2003 c3 Jieli
aw, how sad! i like how you kept them the same age that they're supposed to be. even though it may seem weird, it still works well! i love that part with mai and joey's jacket
9/19/2003 c1 Jieli
i love joey x mai. this is pretty good. i don't mind fics that are sort of slow, its better than people falling in love like in two chapters! aw...joey's jealous
9/19/2003 c4 GCrockerdude88
that is a cute ending but dont end it add more fluff ^_^
9/19/2003 c4 icegirl172
aw that was so cute ... * tear *
9/19/2003 c4 2leatherboots
No! You can't end it there! I believe that you’re capable of squeezing in a few more chapters. This is one of the BEST Joey/Mai fics I have ever read and I won't let you end it just yet without a fight. So yeah... that’s about all the fight in me. What can I say, I’m a push over. I’m all talk - isn’t that just pathetic? Well anyway, please continue. This fic has so much potential; it’ll be a shame to let it end here. You kept Joey and Mai so true to character that it's like reading the transcripts for future episodes. So come on... throw me a friggen bone here. Groveling isn’t really my style. However, if you decide not to, that will be all right with me. Your fic was very entertaining and I hope you consider writing another one.
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