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for The Lioness and the Puppy Dog

9/19/2003 c4 42RoxyFoxy
I love this fanfic alot! I mean there is not alot of people who can write a well written one of Joey/Mai ( so far I've seen!) I think so far that was good, it so shows how Mai and Joey act! well alone together! Anyways keep it up, I'm dying to read more from you!

9/10/2003 c3 Chikorita-Trainer
omigoodness! this is a wonderful story! I was just thinking...did The Lion King soundtrack inspire you to write this? I mean "he moved in time with the music" "when the heart of this star-crossed voyager beats IN TIME with yours"

and the chapter Under the Stars is the same name as one of the instrumental scores on the lion king soundtrack. Since you probably have no idea what I'm talking about I'll just end the review now.
9/2/2003 c3 4jessikur
~update soon~
9/2/2003 c1 vampireofthedark
aw, i think lil' joey has a crush.

i really liked the story, touching.

*playful crying* WHY WASN'T KIBA IN IT?

I love joey and his brooklin accent.

and his hair great story, i don't know if you can but, write back! ^_^
9/2/2003 c3 12LovelyLufia
NO! WHY DID YOU STOP THERE! wRITE MORE NOW!NOW NOW NOW! It was getting so good, then, BOOM!
9/2/2003 c3 video vamp
*Sigh* That’s my Joey... cute to boot, but full of hot air. Something’s never change, but I love him anyway ^_^’ hehe... Boy, is he gonna wish that he could that back. Then after a while, he’ll probably beat himself senseless for it. Ahh... men, always saying the wrong things. Don’t mind me, I’m just being a major hypocrite. I would have acted just like Joey in that situation. Ya know in the heat of the moment, you just say things that you REALLY don’t mean. I guess that’s why Joey’s my favorite character. We share some of the same qualities - and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Well anyway, great chapter. Lemme guess, in the next chapter he’s going to run to the airport and he’s either too late or just in time. Well, it doesn’t really matter because I’m a sucker for romance. Especially if it involves two very stubborn characters who don’t want to face the facts. Anyway, I’m really enjoying your fic and I hope that you update soon!
9/2/2003 c3 Red Roses2
... Poor Mai. And poor Joey. He's going to regret saying THAT later. And she's going to be leaving way before he wakes up so there won't be any time to say good bye before he regrets it and stops being so stubborn TO say sorry. I mean, he's a guy. Except for Yugi, I haven't heard any guy say sorry to anyone. Well, to a girl at least. I have heard Joey say sorry to Yugi and Tristan a few times but that's it. Well, continue!
8/26/2003 c2 2Hotkitty
Nice fic.

Update soon kay.
8/22/2003 c2 2Maddiemaia
I like it, I like it! Continue!
8/20/2003 c2 JAMO
Nice, Each chapter to have enough dialouge and a good stopping point. More depth would be a good idea for later chapters, and take some time to study other writers of other similar romances in anime. (I won't mention any as there are tons.) This will make the story more rewarding for you and the readers. Keep the Passion of Anime Alive Forever (KPAAF).
8/20/2003 c2 video vamp
Yay! A Joey and Mai fic! This site is dangerously low on fics centering around these two. I love how you kept everyone in character. Joey and Mai are kind of hard to do sometimes because they're very stubborn. They like to dance around each other - you know what I mean. The creator lets the viewers/readers know that there's something going on between the two but will probably just keep them arms distance apart.

C'est la vie... Anyway, great story. I hope you update soon.
8/20/2003 c2 Red Roses2
WONERFUL CHAPTER! I don't mind to much dialog! The talking got interesting when Mai was talking to Joey! CONTINUE PLEASE!
8/18/2003 c1 GoldeneyesInuYasha
..OMG this is a great fanfic, can't wait for the next chapter
8/13/2003 c1 Maggie
Oh the thick plottens. Well you know what I mean! Anywho great first chapter. I'm dying to know why Mai was crying so update soon 'kay. Pwease .
8/13/2003 c1 Red Roses2
*Her jaw is all the way to the bottom of the floor and broke through the floor* Who would want to criticise this? It's wonderful! It's, it's, it has everyone in character. Unlike me who had a rather big problem in her first fic, Yugi's Crush, with that. I so had Mai not in character. Definitly in the last chapter. I feel so ashamed! Then again, I did pretty good for my first fic. I mean, I did get lots of reviews for it. More than the fics and poems I have now. *Sighs* Anyway, please continue! And I wonder what was up with Mai. And what did that sleese ball Cris do to make her cry? You have got to continue this! It's wonderful!
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