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12/23/2020 c1 4ShatteredDragon
I know it's been for freaking ever but please come back and do a follow up to this!
12/2/2020 c1 6Turise
I know I've left feedback before, but that was ages ago and as it was like reading this story for the first time, I can let you know again~ I love that you've given Brian a family with Ryo, and set it all up for a good future ahead. I can see that he doesn't really need to mingle with Dom again, but it's in there that he WANTs to. I can't see it working out long distance; someone has to give. So here's where the quotes come in: Mr. Wilde, "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidde." I'm on the hunt for your other related stories now ~
12/19/2019 c1 Guest
Looking forward to reading each part of this story! I really love this version of the story.
8/1/2017 c1 2acetwolf94
7/9/2017 c1 Blistful2006
Another great entry
4/11/2015 c1 Loganberry
5/14/2013 c1 Guest
8/22/2012 c1 46Constance Truggle
I would love to see you continue this series. The series itself is fabulous. The writing is well done and the first two ficlets, where they overlap each other and everything? I like that. Seeing from Dom's POV as Brian is released was great. But it feels unfinished. Since you ended Normality with Dom talking about a trip to Brian, it's only fair (to me, of course... not necessarily to you) that I ask to see that trip and the resultant reunion. At any rate, I love it and am going to read your other FF fics now. Thanks for sharing and please see if you can't find it in you to continue with at least one more fic.

7/14/2012 c1 3sckraut12
Please continue. I like it. Will Dom and Brian meet?
3/24/2012 c1 1Colonelengle
This series of ur's is really good so far. R u going to continue it with another fic? or is it finished as is? The last fic, with Dom & the gang made me think he was coming to get Brian. I'm curious how that will turn out when they find him.

Keep up the great work. =)
3/13/2012 c1 6Rika100
I really like this one, nice way of ending it. I hope to read more. I wonder what happens next, and what will Brian do when he comes face to face with Dom. ^_^

Keep up the great work. ^_^
11/25/2011 c1 Desiallen16
can't wait to see if there well be more :)
10/27/2011 c1 anon
I loved this fic (and the others in the serie). I like the way you write Tanner, it's always good to see more of him.

I also liked your notes, they are very helpful.

I'm just really happy to have found a good fic in a fandom that I am new to.
8/27/2011 c1 XitachizackX
that was really good i hope you write another oneshot to this series but i really liked it in dom's pov
3/27/2011 c1 10crazyness101
Update please update for the love of all good you do dont stop i love it.
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