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for Join Me In Death

8/31/2012 c4 16darkangelrawr
Wow this is brilliant I know it's old but you are very talented and I hope to see mvre of you're work on here :)
12/28/2003 c4 36MikoNoNyte
Not much I can comment on here; I will make one observation. You have created an interesting, if morbid, creation story for the mask and Atman. I doubt anyone else has even thought of it.
This looks like it's going to be running for a while; will Alice escape and if she does, where will she go ... she's dead, right? What's happening in the "real" world with the crew and Yuri? He must be going out of his mind by now.
And the same question I asked before: how DOES one kill the God of Death? By replacing Him?
12/28/2003 c3 MikoNoNyte
Whoops! I musta gone to sleep to miss 2 chapters in a row and now an update!
I reiterate what I stated before: "I HATE those bloody masks!" I do wish Yuri had kicked their collective back-sides.
Shame on you for picking on Kenshin as the Sword Mask! I did a double-take on that one. :)
"...everything with Atman was death and having fun with it." Like a kid with his toys. Not fond of Atman either. How DOES one kill the god of death anyway?
Alice as the Angel of Death: she's pretty enough. She probably would make a fine addition to Death's Domain ... which is definately not Atman's domain. But I'd rather not see Alice in that light.
12/28/2003 c4 Gold Lucky Cat
Yay! I loved it! And I understood the german!
Can't wait for the next chapter!
8/17/2003 c3 13Aberlemno
I like the ideas on death, and the dying scene with the soul. And her realisation that God isn't real. . .

Brilliant. Anima is a really good character. And agiain, the personality you've given to Atman is very well-written.
8/14/2003 c2 greyfriars
O_O *stares in amazement*

Your ideas on the masks are brilliant.

And now Atman wants Alice to join them. . . . . .

Ep. *hanging on edge of seat* Very quick update, try to keep the chapters coming! ^^
8/13/2003 c1 Aberlemno
Wow! This is an amazing original idea, and very well written.

""My, my. Yuri must be kicking himself." Somewhat of an understatement, Atman =)

Great ideas about what it's like for Alice to die. This is the first we've had on what happened to *Alice* instead of Yuri after the sad ending isn't it?

That poetry bit at the start- did you write that? It's really good.

Anyway, this is such an intriguing beginning to the story. Write more!

P.S. Your other fics are not crap either!
8/13/2003 c1 36MikoNoNyte
Picky stuff first:

house had lost its "opaque" word means 'solid', perhaps you wanted 'translucent'?

There was pain in Anima's voice ... we don't know her name until a later paragraph. Perhaps next time use 'woman' because it is a bit jarring to know her name before she introduces herself.

Not picky stuff:

Okay, are you British? Wonderful tea scene my dear! :)

I liked this. Moody, yet charming. Great descriptions of the arrival area, grey grey grey. Reminds me of some of MZ Bradley's stuff.

The Masks and Atman: may I say I HATE them? Please? *shudder* I don't care how nicely these five are attired, they still represent an unsettling darkness that Yuri should have taken care of. Pity he didn't. We have another Sad Ending tale. ::Yeah!:: My pathos for Alice grows and grows. Poor lady!

I Like what I am reading here, Dessa. Excellent job. More, s’il vous plait.


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