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for Boris, Doris, and Faith

10/23/2017 c5 6Eros-Blane
I love it. Keep 'em coming.
9/9/2017 c5 gaul1
good story, would like more, but thinks it has been too long...14 years since an update, fare thee well.
5/11/2013 c1 41Brenna's Urbangirl Projects
Ok you are aware that Buffy and Dawn's dad is nowhere to be found. I don't understand why some writers say Buffy and Dawn know where he's at in stories placed after season 7. It was established in season 5 when Joyce died that Hank had disappeared off the face of the earth, and that they couldn't find him.
2/27/2012 c5 12H Max Marius
Sooo disappointed that this story has been abandoned. You wrote it well and had set up for interesting things to happen... was really looking forward to Harry Tasker pulling a 'Conan' alongside Faith when that flash-forward scene came around.
5/26/2010 c5 1CaliHavoc
I love the flashbacks into Faith's past. For the love of all that is good and holy, please finish this story!
11/17/2008 c5 Wmwhitewolf
Its good can't wait love this crossover type
6/5/2007 c5 Tanathar
I think this story is heading in an excellent direction. I love the back-story you have incorporated to turn Dana Tasker into the Faith we know and love.

Add in an impending apocalypse and almost insurmountable odds, and its shaping up nicely!
4/21/2007 c5 1VeltaIO
Wow! Fantastic read. Very good job with the crossover - everything seems to work seamlessly. I really enjoyed the look at Faith's background. I hope you haven't abandoned this completely and will return and continue.
10/11/2005 c5 krys
I really glad you finally added more, I can't wait until you bring everyone back together for the rescue. Hope you add nore again sooner!

4/22/2005 c5 1VegaKatt
Hey I just wanted to say I love your story! I was just waiting for someone to do a BtVS/True Lies crossover. I hope you write more soon!
3/23/2005 c5 SuziJ
This is fantastic! Nice work on combining the two different worlds. Are the slayer-daughters of the other two women going to help Faith and Kelly in the hell-dimension?

Don't abandon this fic, it is too good for that. Please update again soon.
1/15/2005 c5 FtR
this story is great you should definitly update soon.
12/7/2004 c5 fan
hey! keep the chapters flowing..

12/1/2004 c5 perrisDad
I'm still enjoying the story.

14 months was to long a wait.
12/1/2004 c5 Allen Pitt
Great story-do more chapters! I'd like to see Faith's parent's reaction to the 'new Faith' -also maybe Buffy & company's reaction to the revelations about her true past...

Speaking of which, does she have a twin cousin named Tru?
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