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for Locked Gate to Heaven

10/1/2011 c12 6ZoeysZone
nice story. i read the arie parts and when you said secret identity i knew it was Belle
10/11/2003 c12 6ColdFang
9/28/2003 c12 18psychobunny410
That was an awesome story with St.John, Warren and Belle. Maybe you should make a sequel to the story just a suggestion. Hey maybe you should give me lessons on Remy and John's accents I'm not very good at them at all. ^_^
9/24/2003 c12 4Mysfit Chyld
Hey! I totally love your story. To be honest I wasnt going to finish this because I am not totally into Warren. But I continued to read and now I am absolutly in love with this story. Your character is awsome. Do you plan to write more stories around her? Hope so. Well I better go. Read my stories if you feel like it.
9/2/2003 c12 7Ashes Forgotten
Cute ending.
8/28/2003 c10 4Kaminarimon
I loved it, I really did. I actually sat here and read all 10 chapters, something I rarely do. You are extremely talented. I have become completely besotted with your writing style.

Belle is a very cool chick, I don't really care for her Codename to be honest though.

Magneto is slightly out of character, but he is a very hard character to portray accurately, and as a big Magz sympathiser I do have a bias.

A very stylish story, by a very stylish author.

This is very good quality work and you should be very proud of it.

Excellent job :)
8/27/2003 c10 7Ashes Forgotten
Aw . . . Pyro to the rescue. That was a short, but sweet moment when he blocked the spear for killing her and then when she found his lighter.
8/25/2003 c9 Ashes Forgotten
Aww . . . sweet chapter on the way Pyro cares for her. Team up time!
8/24/2003 c8 SOMEONE2003
MAGNETO IS SICK AND . . .AND. . .AND JUST WRONG! I seriously wish I could do something to help poor poor Belle. . . You're the author, so please save her! Only you control her and everyone else in this fanfics fates. Use the power wisely. . .
8/24/2003 c8 2Tourn
Pyro just has to save her! Magneto and Belle have sex, Oh Dear God, thats a bad image! Keep going!
8/22/2003 c7 3DementedbutFun
Do you know how talented you are? *tries to steal some of your talent* *steals John instead* BWHAHAHAH! YOUR NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE! *runs off into a wall*
8/22/2003 c7 oscar
I love it! I like your character and your parrings.
8/22/2003 c7 7Ashes Forgotten
[ insert snicker. ] Oh god, that last line was perfect. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

It's a decent story, keep up the good work.last line was perfect. This story i
8/22/2003 c7 frizzy hair
woah. cliff hanger. gotta find out how pyro reacts. update soon please
8/21/2003 c5 somebody
PIXE STICKS ARE KEWL! you can never have to many pixe sticks!

way kewl story
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