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for A Mother's Last Wish

7/3/2005 c13 9Neonlights
ARGH! you have to update really soon! i cant wait until we find out what ahappens! darien to the rescue? i hope so!
7/3/2005 c13 kimmy
Quick,Quick! I want to read more.
7/2/2005 c13 14Lioness Blackfire
O... this is getting better and better!

Very good story! Usually I don't go for dub-name ones, but AUs never count in that respect. ; ) I like it a lot!

The one thing I didn't see coming was Darien being a detective.

So... is the stalker Diamond? He seems to be the type. And is Max Malachite?

I'm looking forward to the continuation!

Keep it up!
7/2/2005 c13 princess-nav
great chapter update soon
7/2/2005 c13 11Moonlady9
YAY! Finally! i have been waiting for this chappy for a long time! i luved it. althought the whole scene w/ mina and max could have been more descriptive it was still good. PLEASE HURRY W/ THE NEXT CHAPTER!


7/2/2005 c13 YunalescaDagger
O couldn't u have just written a bit more...but o well...I STILL gotta try rewriteing my story...ttyl r I'll review later.

7/2/2005 c13 1Eternal Moon Power
Darien didn't really seem like a jerk at first, y'know. ::Crows:: i bet i know who that Mystery Guy is! well, please continue! i really like your story, even if the chapters are kinda short.

Bye! :D :)

Eternal Moon Power
7/1/2005 c13 7Evil But Friendly Rival
I'm so glad you updated!

Great chapter! I cannot wait until you update again and find out what happens with Max/Mina & Artimis and most importanly Serena!

Please update soon! :)

6/11/2005 c12 Kara
write more write more write more!
6/3/2005 c12 11Moonlady9
it's been a while sice i checked up on this story, but then again u haven't updated lately, so plz hurry, i'm really falling in love with it! it's greatly written!

well, plz hurry w/ the new chappy!

luv josy (aka Moonlady9)
5/22/2005 c12 4MoonBunny777
5/20/2005 c12 2ladytokyo
Max should be in f or a suprise. heheheheehe! Thank you for writing and updating another chapter. i really love this story. so are we going to see some sparks fly between Darien and Serena? plz update soon I have to know what going to happen. If Max lives or not.

5/17/2005 c12 kimmy
Wow...I love ur fic. I hope to read more about this. Sammy was always portrayed as the nasty lil' bro in the original version. The part of him trying to set his 'mother' with a his teacher is so kawaii. What's Darien's story? Ja.
5/15/2005 c12 somedayiwillwrite
wow she is going to tell everything!
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