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for A Mother's Last Wish

5/15/2005 c12 6ff9moonie
lol, can't wait for the next chapter!

Satyavati Patel
5/15/2005 c12 SerenityRose19
this story is gret i love it! plz plz plz update soon! can't wait 4 her to tell darien about her secret! update update update!
5/14/2005 c12 nessa
its getting interesting i hope u update soon and not take a long time writing the next chapter
5/14/2005 c12 Sesshoumaru-LiL-Wolfe
i like ti and can't wait for more soon
5/14/2005 c12 princess-nav
great chapter update soon
5/14/2005 c12 10AMI MIZUNO1
good so far, but you should work on timing (ok, i'm the one who should be chastized about it, but writers block for a year or two and no time to work on do the math)'s stressful to keep up.
5/14/2005 c12 Crystal Promise
Nice chapter ^_^ A little short though. I hope the next one is longer. This story is very interesting.
5/14/2005 c12 7Evil But Friendly Rival

I'm so glad you updated! I hope you will update soon!

I'm glad Serena will tell Darien the truth.

Can't wait to read!

Please update soon!

~Am~ :)
5/14/2005 c12 realsugarbaby
YAY! It is finally updated. The next chapter better come MUCh quicker because I really enjoy reading theis story.
4/4/2005 c6 11Moonlady9
Wow! This story is so good, ilove it. keep writing . I'm sorta crying here, that's how good and sad it is. hehehehe

Luv, Josy
4/3/2005 c11 moonbunny777
Are you going to finish this story? I must know what happens hehehe!
1/21/2005 c11 Ayiaka
This was one of the best stories i've read lately, do you plan on updating it any time soon.
1/19/2005 c11 2ladytokyo
so who is max again I though he was the one following her? What going to happen between darien and serena and why was darien undercover

in the first place. please you have to clear this up for me i love this story. plz updata
12/28/2004 c11 lil-bit-gish
omg i so love this story i have been waiting for a update i have it as my fav update soon long or short
12/25/2004 c11 6UsagiMoon
Well I hope that you update soon, Im like catching up with my reading and I saw your fic has been updated for a while. ANyways update soon!
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