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for A Mother's Last Wish

5/8/2004 c10 4DaughterofDeath
add a new chapter
5/8/2004 c10 noname
darien's a cop and a teacher uh-oh don't tell me he really isn't a teacher and that he is just under cover for something which is? anyways can't wait for the next chap this fic is gr8 im glad i started reading sailor moon fics or i would of never got to this fic anyways update soon pls ^_^
5/7/2004 c10 1kalinda
great chapter i cant wait to read the next one
5/7/2004 c10 Guest
if i followed this correctly, cuz i think i've read it b4 and i was skimming trhough the chapters, Darien's a teacher AND a detective. that unknown email says 'Serena lover' and i'm gussing that it's someone from high school that she knew or somewhere else. Can't b her father. And everyone thinks that sammy's her child, but who knows the truth, the doc who helped give birth to Sammy? A family friend? ugh, it's nite and i'm too tired to think. bye. i like the plot by the way. gurligurl
5/7/2004 c8 6Moon-Dragon 1288
i loe your story! please update sooner i want to know hwat happens next!
5/7/2004 c10 LadyAmandity
ACK! I wanna know what happened...who was the SrNaLvR? I know it means SerenaLover, but who is it?
5/7/2004 c10 3samsonite
great story! oh please update soon
5/6/2004 c10 15Lara1786
O! I just love a man in uniform! Please update asap! I wanna know what is going to happen and just who IS this guy that is stalking Serena and planning to get 'rid' of Sammy? Put more Sere/Dare stuff - that's all I personally care about! I love this story, so don't leave us hanging for too long! -Lara
5/6/2004 c10 ioke
awesome chapter! whoa... i thought that darien was a teacher... whoa! anyways... awesome chapter! update really soon! i cant wait to read your next chapter! more thrills...
5/6/2004 c10 Crystal Promise
Wow Great story, I just started reading today and finished. I love it! Please continue I can't wait for Chapter 11!
5/6/2004 c10 Fellow
This is really really good. I hope you update ASAP.
5/6/2004 c8 Usakou
You should develop Darien's character and their relationship along with glimpses of the man. Once that is through you can focus on this man's role.
5/6/2004 c10 momocolady
hi,very good story,keep wreiting youre good.bye
5/6/2004 c10 Vi
whoa..what a twist! Why is Darien a cop? how does it tie with serena? i'm not sure if you told us that. e-mail me to answer my questions. update soon!
5/6/2004 c10 2SilverMo
EVIL! way to short and to long in the making!1 please please please UPDATE! soon!
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