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for A Mother's Last Wish

5/6/2004 c10 7C-town Chica
Well that is an interestin twist. I wonder who is following Serena? I thought that it was going to be her father, but no this guy is in love with her so that can't be right. Is Mina and Serena related somehow? You keep mentioning that they look alike and that Sammy and Artiemis look alike, so I'm just courious. Anyway, great story and chapter. Please update soon.
5/6/2004 c10 1aquarius
AH! Darien's a detective? OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME! THAT's SO TOTALLY COOL! You didn't mentioned it earlier right? right? cause that really made me hit the floor! What a happy surprise, it's way too cool! Can't wait for another update now.. I am now imagining Darien with a real cool pistol in his hand, with Serena shielded behind him.. o... *drools* that's real cool! *glares at both sides where danger maybe lurking around to pounce on Serena..* *glares* *shoot* muahahaha... :P
5/6/2004 c10 Victoria
I KNEW he was a cop! Ha! Ok I love this story and it has me intrigued hoping to read more chappies very very soon. So I am saying please write soon. I want to find out who the stalker is. ^_^
Blessed Be
5/6/2004 c10 3MoonlightUsa
That's cruel
5/5/2004 c10 10AMI MIZUNO1
Kawaii! Keep at it. I love it so far.
4/15/2004 c9 Satyavati
PLEASe UPDATE SOON! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
4/12/2004 c9 16Lady Destiny
lol! Im loving this story! someone suggested the read, and I'm totally greatful. ^^ I have a story, still unfinished that is somewhat the same as yours, but not as lengthy lol. Keep up the great work!
4/11/2004 c9 14thorsgirl
i bet that the creepy person was serena's dad. oi. is lita actually expecting, like the random guy said? i hope that you continue this soon, great story, buh byez!
4/10/2004 c9 AwokenSuicide
Hey luv the story...I hope u update soon...& write more stories...Thanks fro a great story...~Awoken Destruction ~
4/7/2004 c9 1kalinda
great chapter i cant wait to read the next one
4/6/2004 c9 ShotCallaBaby
That person that Sarah kissed, was it Darien?
4/5/2004 c9 2SilverMo
lol Awsome! please update again soon and longer chapters =s happier readers :P
4/4/2004 c9 5Serenity Komoshiro
That was greta!~-^v
4/4/2004 c9 x0x Moon Light BaBi x0x
Hey i just luv the story it relates to a lot of ppl i hope you continue to write...! Thanks 4 a great Story...~randi~
4/3/2004 c9 4hieibotan4ever
That was pretty good. I think you should make diamond the stalker cause in the show he was obsessed with her
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