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for The Kitsunemiko's tale

2/10/2015 c19 Guest
That was a amazing story
10/26/2014 c7 kitty.khat19
Hi I haven't read your other books but I love this story. If you'd like if you'd like I would love to be your beta reader if you still need one
1/3/2014 c6 1hummingbird802
Iooks over story from my other profile... its very confusing for those who dont understand why I have two... anyway... looks over chappies... one page, one and a half, two pages... wow I need to write longer chapters. Its annoying when it takes me soo long and soo much brain power. Hard to sit in one place typing away. For I am a growing person!
7/23/2013 c19 1IskandarVesperia
Great story
I hope you continue it
7/15/2012 c19 Guest
just contine the story i love this story so much make more.,
6/1/2011 c19 blossom
The characters r too occ
8/26/2010 c10 3AnimeGurl436
Awesome story so far. Just curious though, do you hate Inuyasha and Kikyo or just Kikyo?
4/8/2010 c7 2Artistatwork94
that was so sweet, a little ooc for sesshomaru and kagome, but i still loved it, ur awesome, i just love this story, it's the best.
4/8/2010 c2 biteme14
omg i just love this chapter, i love the way u have set out the story so far, i'm going to keep reading it, this story is just awesome.
3/31/2010 c2 5Evil-Clowns-Rule
I think her becoming the owner of the sword makes sense. After all, she's the one who pulled it from the monument.
3/23/2010 c10 RaiKage14
(blinks slightly astonished) n-nani? did fluffy-sama just.. s-say wat i think he said? (falls over anime style with my foot an eye twitching)i like the story so far tho (yawns then pops up and does a happy dance) i gotta go 2 sleep tho so ima read the rest 2morrow..today.. urgh so confuzzling (holds head) anyways, (im coming down from my chocolate-apple juice high...drat...z) bye ill tell u wat i think of the rest of the story 2morrow...today... urgh not agian... (gives u a thumbs up and a hersheys bar) love it so far tho (almsot falls asleep at desk) ima go now...(snores slightly and having dreams about half naked sesshoumaru's, piles of mud and puppy ears *by far the sessh part is my favorite*)

12/23/2009 c19 Cutipieeva
I honestly like the story the way ut is and hope u post more soon

thnx ur fan

btw: This makes me wanna join so I can submit a story of my own LOL(of course that means I;d have to right it first) :)
12/7/2009 c19 Kagome Sesshomaru Lovers
I think you should refix it and hey how about making it were its Kagome x Sesshomaru , Miruko x Sango , Inuyasha x Kikyo. It would be the way it should be and have kagome forgive kikyo.
10/27/2009 c1 darkangel0212
keep it up i really like it so far
10/26/2009 c19 13HikariNoTenshi-San
I like the story. I hope you continue it soon! ^-^
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