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for I will not forget you

11/1/2004 c2 27williz
THIS RULED! Good job!
10/21/2004 c2 IcePrincessVE
Wow, long time no hear from, but I'm glad you are back. You definately have a knack for writing the best plots, and I miss them:). I think I should apologize for sound lashing at Will in the first chapter. He solelly makes up for stupidity in this chapter...and to think I was ready to mutiny Will, Jack and the rest of them. Well, I hope this year is going well for you. Keep writing and I promise to keep reading...and reading...and reading over and over again.:)

5/10/2004 c1 48Catmint
*sniffle* SO beautiful. And so, so sad.
3/12/2004 c1 43JeanieBeanie33
Uhh, I can't really think of any reference, except for the elf bit which sounds like Lord of the Rings. Apart from that, I'm clueless. Good story, though.
12/5/2003 c1 10Cassidy J
-shakes her first- Girl, you write too darn well. I'm jealous, and I think for that I need to hurt you! :)
It was beautiful and poignant... I sat there and could completely see everything!
The only thing that (personally) didn't jive with me was that I didn't think Elizabeth would be one to sit around passively and wait for him. But you wrote it realistically enough that I didn't realize I thought that way until the end! ^_^
M. Elves. Will. M. ^_^
12/4/2003 c1 38Venus Smurf
Perfect choice of a song for this fic. It's exactly what this fic needed.
Yes, this HAS happened to people before, but I'd honestly never thought Will would ever willingly leave Elizabeth. Still, you make the story line so believable that I can just picture the expressions on both their faces as he leaves. Wonderfully, perfectly done.
You're amazing, but I've told you that before. You're great at whatever you do, but this was just so poignant that I think I'm gonna cry. You're stunning, and I hope you continue working with this pairing.
11/28/2003 c1 22Drucilla Malfoy
Very powerful piece, i liked it alot. You did a wonder ful job conveying Elizabeth's emotions. (BTW, Love the elf reference)
10/8/2003 c1 49LordLanceahlot
aw just aww! poor Elizabeth, the part where you said "but she loved it when he smiled in his sleep." that was so sweet, aw! will come back! that song went beautifully with the story, i found this because you reviewed MY one-shot poem and though mine DEFINITELY isnt as wonderful as this I want to thank you, and also

(i totally agree i think everybodys jealous of elizabeth, lol)

9/22/2003 c1 13th Angel
Loved it. Oh, and the little reference towards elves and the sea, I'm guessing we're a bit of an orlando fan? ;)

btw, is the next chapter of 'For Love or Duty' coming out anytime soon, I'm dying to read what happens :)
9/14/2003 c1 IcePrincessVE
"I know it's a little depressing..." A LITTLE? sheesh this definately makes me want to hang Will. It is good writing, I just don't think I like the plot very much *note: totally personal opinion*, but then again I saw the movie about 3 times and I actually like Bloom, and really like Depp. I guess I just thought of this as out of character for this story. But then again this is just my opinion. I really do like your skills as a writter so please keep writing...especially on one story inparticular *cough Love*cough* Duty*...:)
8/28/2003 c1 5Jayness
As usual your story rocked! Not that I'm much surprised!

The angst was beautiful *sniff*
8/25/2003 c1 14brombones
Wow... *clap, clap* I really really liked that. Good job in expressing Elizabeth's feelings. I hope Will does come back some day, but in the meantime, keep up the good work!
8/25/2003 c1 10Meee
That was really good...but sad! I'm glad you left that little glimmer of hope at the end. *sigh* Poor Elizabeth.

And yes, I did catch the reference. ;-)
8/24/2003 c1 7va
refernce~~i can see it~about the elf, isnt it?

legolas~~the yearning of ocean
8/24/2003 c1 14Breeze2
It's not really that depressing, I just think it's beautifully written, this was lovely, really well written, goes so well with the song and you got the emotions, feelings and references across perfectly, love it! (Sequel maybe...:) )
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