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8/10/2009 c8 Unnamed Reader
nice story
7/18/2009 c8 1icekrim91
i love this fic, very interesting and awesome...can't wait to read more from it soon...keep it coming...hope to read more from it soon...hehe...awesome
1/4/2006 c7 30CaseyJr
hey you cannot write to be continued and don´t continue!I`m waiing for some new sisterly bonding moments!c´mon don´t leave me hanging
12/27/2005 c7 vampiregirl
prue pregnant is great! try and make it twins or three kids! with each different powers!and maybe still bigger then normal!and i mean big!
12/27/2005 c8 vampiregirl
hey i love your storys may you should like make prue's kid like piper's kid from the show. but maybe with a twist, like make prue bigger then a normal pregnantcey but the kid will be fine.and when i mean big i mean big.try it i think it will be cool.
11/20/2005 c8 CharlotteSTs
This is the first charmed-fic i read, and it's really good! please continue !


10/24/2005 c8 CaseyJr
sweet!I would love to see more sister moments(arguments...)really good
9/21/2005 c8 4TWDWarrior
this is great...please do more.
9/12/2005 c8 67kissmekent
great story! Please continue it! it has definite possiblilities. You haven't even gone into the prue/andy/pregnancy drama! That's the best part of your story! Good writing.
8/23/2005 c8 6Charming River

this is soo cool carry on soon please!

Xx c4e xX
5/11/2005 c8 4charmed-greek
aww i really love these sister moments!
4/6/2005 c8 katie farmer
right more please
1/30/2005 c1 16Meraculas
Wow, this story sounds really good. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
1/26/2005 c2 Jessica
I think that your story is pretty good. I just have one nit-pick. It's impossible to tell if someone is pregnant the day after they have sex. It would take a week or longer before Prue could get tested and get a positive result.
1/24/2005 c8 8RJF
WOW! i saw this story once and i was thinking when you were gonna update it lol! i love it! maybe you could do something with them getting into trouble at school with their powers? that would be so cool!

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