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6/9/2013 c7 riosaku89
hola por lo que veo hace muxo q no actualisas tus fics, me gustacesta historia, tambien si pudieras y cuentas con el tiempo la reescribas y las hagas un poco mas largas en verdad espero puedas continuar la historia
10/3/2010 c7 angel313
Please finish this story. It is good.
9/19/2009 c7 1Foxluna
hey keep this one going too please im really liking it alot so please please please update soon. im starting to like 2 ur stories so far that i've read i hope there's more!
9/19/2009 c1 Foxluna
hurry it up gohan and get serenity there quickly!
7/24/2009 c7 anelwingjes
I think the Story of Fallen Angel is a great story so far I just want to Know what gonna happen next with Serena(Usagi)and Gohan with there realtionships developing so far in story. I keep think your doing great job.

P.S I'm not great with spell word. Just let you know.


7/23/2009 c7 2TheMello
K, this review should count for 80, right? lol I agree with the other reviewer, if you aren't going to update than PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't take them down. Even if you aren't going to write anything new for them, I'd love to be able to read and reread them!

P.P.S. You are a GREAT author; I would never be able to come up with and execute such tales so well!
7/19/2009 c6 TheMello
NO! Must...have...more...
8/13/2004 c5 lisha
please write more of this story it is very interesting and i would like to read more of this story.
2/26/2004 c5 3Silently.Lost
great story so far love whats happened and all hope the next chapter is posted soon ^-~
8/5/2003 c5 Ameliandre
Interesting, VERY interesting I look forward to reading more of this fantastic story update soon!
7/31/2003 c1 Terra
I love this fic!

It's just great!
7/13/2003 c1 22Saranghae Tenshi
'ello! well, anywayz, this was a good fic. I can't wait for ya to write more! ^_^
6/30/2003 c6 16Ginzou Tsuki
i think you should really continue this story ^-^ it's great and i love it...update soon...XD
6/27/2003 c6 5Shi
I think you should definitly continue this story...Please do it soon as well because you updated with an announcement instead of a story and got my hopes up. :( then made me sad.
6/27/2003 c6 2Taiki
This story is very good. I say keep it. I can't wait for more. Hurry!
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