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for Angels tears and demons kisses

9/24/2003 c8 10are-en1
So,you were saying there were a next fic to this fic?Good because I love this fic and a bit sad if you leave it clift hanging.Oh well,I guess I have to wait for the next fic,what the name again?
9/22/2003 c1 Shaeya Sedjet Namir
Hiya! I love the premise of your story. However, I think it could could flow alot better if you had a beta reader. You have some wicked run-on sentence issues. If you'd like a beta reader, I would be happy to proof your work. E-mail me if you like any grammatical help. Your story has real potential. I have really enjoyed it!
9/15/2003 c7 alex
omg i luv this story what is the title to the sequel i want/have to read it
9/15/2003 c7 2Brittanie Love
Please do continue. Love this story. Update soon!
9/14/2003 c7 Latinaplaymate08
EVIL! You better start the next story soon!



you will feel pain!

*pulls out katana*
9/14/2003 c3 10D-Chan3
Hi, You really need to check your spelling and grammer in this chapter. Stud means to load out a male dog when a female is in heat to produce puppies. You should be using this- stood.

Oh and the word for a japaneese mattress is FUTON.
9/14/2003 c7 Midnight Yume
It was a good story, but I think it should have been longer...oh well. Nice job!
9/13/2003 c7 2RnDm-BandNerd
9/13/2003 c7 ewunia
This definitely asks for sequel. So I hope you will write one soon. Please :)) I liked the story alot.
9/10/2003 c6 Manisheia
you must continue i have to know the ending of the story so when chapter 7 is up e-mail me. if you dont you will live to regret it hahaha (there is now a evil smile on my face). the only way you will ever regret is because there is one less person reading your story.
9/10/2003 c6 Emumoon
Hey there! Nice story you got goin' on here. Just a few errors. Instead of "stud" write "stood" okay? It isnt as though it's a "stud" farm for horses alright? Just a litlle grammer error there.
9/10/2003 c6 Ymir chan
O its so cut i love it keep it going
9/9/2003 c5 4xantidote
oh nice! i loved the thing about a firefly it was so sweet ^^ please update soon!
9/9/2003 c5 2RnDm-BandNerd
good chappy
9/8/2003 c5 daisymaisy2121
Oh! I love your story so far! can you please update soon but with a longer chapter? Thank you!
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