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9/16/2004 c5 2crazywolfgrrl
Very nice. Love the way you've written this. keep up the good work!
1/10/2004 c5 shazzumpit
i love this fic... cant wait for more of it... also kinda hope for side fics for this and confessions..
the story of how and when each swartz kidnapps and or woos his weiss counter part
12/3/2003 c5 7Kasra
Again, I love seeing Schwarz's insight into the events going on around them. I was amused by Schuldig's insistence of spitting on Shuichi on the way out - though perhaps he should thank the man, because otherwise he may never have gotten the chance to run across Omi. Not that Schuldig would see it that way, of course. Nagi's logic in Weiss choosing to separate makes a lot of sense - more sense, even, than the idea that Kritiker would just let them take a break, which was the only reason I could fathom from watching the series.
Crawford's visions are still erratic. Interesting that he's specifically concerned about the elders' return, and how it bodes on the whole of Schwarz.
11/24/2003 c5 9Misura
Hm, might Schuschu's aversion to Reiji have something to do with golfcubs? *coughs* Another intriegueing chapter, moving the story on to the time after Takatori's death. It seems peculiar indeed that Weiss splits up like that, though Kritiker may well be right in thinking their anonimity is easier to maintain like that. Trouble seems to be brewing for Schwarz ; hope they're going to be all right. ^-^
11/22/2003 c5 gonyos
Great! I love your Story - it's bringing the view from the other side and Crawfords way to see things is kind of cool ^_~
11/20/2003 c4 7Kasra
It's been a while since I left a review. Getting laid off does that to you. -_-

Anyhow, I'm very pleased to see how you've handled Crawford's perspective on the events surrounding the ever-dwindling Takatori family. I especially liked the line "Schuldig tells me that the rescue itself was truly something to behold and that if Mr. Fujimiya had not arrived when he did young Omi would currently be residing with us, most likely with an entirely new set of memories" - it shows an insight into Schuldig's manner of thinking that is very consistent with how you've portrayed him, but at the same time is the very root of the reasons that Omi cannot trust Schuldig. I must admit, I'm really looking forward to your upcoming Schuldig side-story - you write him so incredibly well.

I also liked the way you handled Farf. The bit about him giving Crawford his "blessing" (so to speak) cracked me up.

Hoping to see more soon... I'll be interested to see how Crawford's fractured visions impact the actions of his team, and their responses to Weiss.
11/10/2003 c4 9Misura
*purrs* Yes, Abyssinian is such an interesting kitten, isn't he, Crawford? Do try and get to know him a little bit better ; I'm sure you'll get some more 'pleasant experiences'. Well, or end up with his katana sticking out of your chest, but ... -_-;

I like the way you portrayed the effects of Ouka's death on the teams, thus reaffirming the ties between the serie and the fic. Farfarello's remark about how a relationship between Aya and Crawford would hurt God made me laugh a little, in a feel-good kind of way. It made for quite a nice ending to this rather angsty chapter. And of course the prospect of Takatori's time running out soon ... ^^;
10/23/2003 c3 mmha
Keep going and i like who brad talks.
10/13/2003 c3 Misura
It's really weird, you know, now that you mention it I reread the way Crawford talks and you're right ; he *does* talk rather stuffy. I wonder why I love him doing it so much, while in real life I'd call a person a bore for talking like he does. With Crawford though, it's just fitting. (And sexy, but let's not go there today.)

For some reason, the first line reminded me of Aya, even though aside from their positions of leadership and aversion to showing emotions these two don't have much in common. It sounds logical Schuldich wouldn't be too thrilled with finding out Omi was the love of his life (*suppresses the desire to blow him a raspberry and say he deserved it*) but I hope he won't take that out on Omi. Or any other living person. When I think about it, Crawford's quite a mother-hen here, but somehow he never sounds like it. That's probably why I go Wow! and Yay! and Aw! at this fic, rather than Ew! ; it's all perfectly in-character and credible.

It must be hard for a precog to sense a disaster coming without any clearer information ; I hope he'll manage to keep things moving in the right directions. But hey, there's always the thing this story's named for ; Hope. ^_^
10/3/2003 c2 Misura
[^_^ Maybe Aya and Crawford can be best men at Ken's wedding. Crawford strikes me as the kind of person who gets what he wants, so if he wants Yuriko back with Ken ... *spins some wishful dreams*]

More delicious Crawford-pov I loved to read. You write him just so Brad-like, while still keeping him sympathetic. Crawford's musings on Ken are both amusing and touching, as are his sour remarks on Nagi and Tot. Curious to see if someone's really 'playing' against Crawford or if he's just seeing shadows.
10/2/2003 c2 7Kasra
Interesting... I see a subplot weaving in, as Crawford notes there seems to be something blocking his efforts to foresee the future.

I definitely like your Crawford here. He clearly has an agenda, but foremost is keeping his team safe. Interesting that he knows about Yuriko as well - would that be from a vision, or from somewhere else?

It looks like things are following the basic story/timeline of Weiss. If that's the case, then there's some really unpleasant things coming up really soon. I wince just thinking about how it's all going to play out. Still, I'm definitely eager to read more.
9/15/2003 c1 Kasra
Yes! A prequel to Confessions! I'm really excited to see how Schu is going to recognize his salvation lies in the most ironic choice of person possible. I also liked how you set up the initial trust between Schwarz and Ken, which was the basis of Confessions. I can't wait to read more of this fic. ^_^
9/11/2003 c1 9Misura
Ah, Crawford as the manipulator-for-all-their-sakes ; I like him having some feelings for his team-mates. Plus your use of his gift is very interesting and realistic. A very captivating start, though I must admit I'm slightly disappointed you won't let Crawford get a little closer to Ken i.o. Ran, since you do hint at a certain attraction between the two, however one-sided, but Ken does deserve someone nice. :)

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