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8/28/2008 c3 1Lord Sia
Oh man, I don't even know why I bother. I might pick this theme up, but for now, why aren't you updating? I like the concept of throwing in one of two series; Sailor Moon (let "Kamigoroshi no Ranma", the Godslaying wild demon, show the cheerleading bitches how it's done) or Ah! Megami-sama (Again, Ranma killed a class 4 demi-god, which awards him 1. demigod status, 2. pseudo-demon status or 3. champion of mortals status). Anyway, if you're reading this, UPDATE!
7/29/2008 c3 5hellhound-d.o.w
Although it seems like you have abandoned this fic, I'll leave a review. How about Yuko Ichihara from xholic as the psychic he goes to see? There has only been one crossover with that anime and Ranma that I have seen, so it isn't overused. Hope you decide to continue this fic.
7/14/2008 c3 Shinobu
Well, I did say Yuuko, but let it be Kagome. for the same reasons as the reviewer before me.
7/14/2008 c3 7Goeno
Well, you could use Yuuko, the dimensional witch from Tsubasa Reservoir and Xholic.
3/11/2008 c3 dragon-cloud16
You'll have better luck with Kagome. Katsuhito uses Jurian energy, not Spirit Energy to my knowledge. And with use of the well, Kagome could take Ranma to the Feudal Era to train against demons to harnass his Spirit Energy techniques and get a good sparring partner. This is a great idea that I haven't seen used before and hope that you'll get the next chapter out soon.
2/18/2008 c3 7Jigoku no Yami
i say let Ranma go to Yosho...AFTEr Tenchi and the others have left for Jurai, make things a little quieter for Ranma and why not Let Ranma become somehwt like Akuma-Sama, and let him become a master at the use of the Shinoweppo alos,
1/23/2008 c3 38Innortal
Nice fusion, looking forward to more.
1/21/2008 c3 115dogbertcarroll
Need more of this!

Excellent work.
1/14/2008 c3 6Seth O. Blade
Hey, DragonBard, you still keeping up with this story? I was wondering though, if not, can I pick it up for some tinkering or something?

I've been meaning to do some on the anime and all that, but never got the real chance.
12/30/2007 c3 4Sired
Why not just make your own up? just grab skills from others and put them into some person you make up and plop him down as the sole guardian of a failing temple that the government wants torn down so they can use the land.
12/13/2007 c3 Drashin
love it
11/12/2007 c3 Sdarian
I'd say to go with Yosho, except that he deals with Jurian energy and is not what he's looking for. If there was sailor moon characters he could go to Rei, or maybe her grandfather. Since you mentioned 3X3 Eyes, he could just come across some priest (like the zombie guy did), or really just have him come across some shrine out in the wilderness or mountain top type of place where the priests are more oldschool and therefore real. Anyway, I hope you write more on this. Good work, and good luck on future writings!
10/12/2007 c3 1Deus-Ex-Machina
Good story so far, though I see that it hasn't been updated in forever and a day. Hope to see it updated soon, and you can count this as an official poke with a stick.

As for ideas on priests, how about Grandpa Hino, or Rei Hino from Sailor Moon. Or maybe instead of a priest he runs into Dr. Theodore Diggers from Gold Digger, as I'm sure he could teach Ranma a few things. Anyway, here is another poke with the stick, and hope to see more soon.
7/30/2007 c3 1derHutschi
Hi DragonBard,

somehow this is becoming a habit ...

To make it short: Good story ^^



PS: it was beacuse of authors like you that they've developed the 'author alert' function ;-)
5/22/2007 c3 wolf-in-hell
while i like your HP story, i would like to know if this one is abandoned? It seems like a good start.
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