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1/23/2005 c2 2Chin-Chilla Boy
i like the story why did you go to hell? and oh yeah shellG does that for like every reveiw either ive already read this or she just likes saying that yeah...update
11/7/2003 c1 3bluehaze005
I like this a lot! :) GO Ed, Edd and Eddy :)

By the way in reguards to your Comment on my DA gallery, yeah :) it is mine and thank you!
10/26/2003 c2 11ShellyG
ShellyG: ...o_o...

Eddy: Er, I think what ShellyG is trying to say here is that-

ShellyG: Thats' IT? After all that wait that's it?

Eddy: *sigh* What she wanted to say is that she was somewhat dissapointed at how short the second chapter was.

ShellyG: Don't get me wrong though, it was very cute! It was just so very tiny :( Maybe next time you can make it a bit longer...pweese...?

Eddy: She's all mushy after that romance between sock head and Marie *shudder*

ShellyG: Not really. I have my own unique romances that involve Edd...

Eddy: With Marie? *blargh!*

ShellyG: In a way *snicker*

Eddy: ...In...a...way? What the heck?

ShellyG: See you next review!

Eddy: I'm confused...
10/25/2003 c2 8Crystal Lightning
OH very nice, sorry i didnt review quickly enough school and all. BUt this is so sweet, i loved it. Anway please update again i would love for this story to keep going!
10/3/2003 c1 1mooseunite
Very Good Story! Please Continue it.

MooseUnite has spoken!
9/15/2003 c1 11ShellyG
"May you rot with the rot of a thousand rotting rotty rot rots!" he shrieked. "You really mean that?" May whimpered "Mean what?"

ShellyG: That was great. I laughed out loud at that. I think ill use that lineon on of my friends too.

Eddy: Nice, but do I have to be a skater? *makes icky face*

ShellyG: Oh stop. In my teenage stories of you you ride a skateboard.

Eddy: Yea, but i'm a hip kinda guy. Not some skater.

ShellyG: ANYWAYS, Eddy's being dumb, so ignore him.

Eddy: Hey!

ShellyG: I like this so far. And people and their cliffhangers, my my! Can't wait to see the next chappie! P.S: Maybe you should introduce Kelly soon. Its ok not to in the 1st chap, but if ur on chap 5 or something and all ppl know about her is her name and thats she's Ed's gf, then ppl are gonna get bored.

Eddy: Look at you, miss critic.

ShellyG: *pushes Eddy down* Keep up the good work!

9/15/2003 c1 8Crystal Lightning
OMG! i think this is a great idea where ever you wanna take the plot i will follow! THIS IS AMAZING!KEEP GOING!

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