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2/23/2011 c1 Rana
A neat opening, which deserves development in subsequent chapters. So what about it?
12/19/2010 c1 karina5185
Interesting. I'm definitely on the look out for part two.
12/6/2010 c1 8Beautiful Feather
Well, I'll have to see if you have another part 'cause this one was good. I have been having a hard time finding good Dray / Harry stories but I think my luck was a little better with this one :D

11/7/2010 c1 2Luckout22
This story is so so amazing please update soon
11/1/2010 c1 goldeneyes
that was really good i like the setting, i don't think Ive ever read a fan fiction like this before i hope to be able to read a follow up.

all the best

9/20/2010 c1 eatteresa
This is such an exciting story yaya I want moreee!
6/22/2010 c1 someone
I love this idea, you should certainly continue it. You set up the characters so well, it would be a shame not to use them. :)
5/14/2010 c1 1Raelliin Eddington
Meerreg. Yes i want more. Harry is so cute. and Draco is so awesome un snobby yet still aware of his immense ridicukous wealth. I love this already!
2/7/2010 c1 10animeloverani
I really like this story you have going. I bet Harry is going to learn fast and surprise Draco. I hope you update soon, I'll be waiting patiently. Good luck!
1/10/2010 c1 zombiekon
ok, it's been like 7 years, so i doubt you're going to continue this, but it would be great if you did.
12/23/2009 c1 3angel-of-paradox
loved it so far :)

I hope that you eventually find enough time to finish it :D
6/13/2009 c1 Ky'atia
Just wanted to let you know that this is good, but if you don't have time for it, I understand. It's been 6 years, so... yeah... you could probably post a note saying that you won't be updating anymore and let us know you're still alive and kicking. Just not writing anymore.

Something to think about, anyway...
11/8/2008 c1 2Cielogris
This story is faboulous

Upadte soon

11/2/2008 c1 Bri
More Please... so far it is a great read... would love to read what happens next...
8/11/2008 c1 Miiiiiiiiij
do you even need to ask if i want more?

come on now...a cute little dracoxharry/harryxdraco fangirl like me?

It's really good, but isn't Draco a bit too innocent?
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