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for Hey DJ

11/12/2003 c5 10Maartje
Aww, this was so sweet! I apologize for not reading/reviewing earlier... Anyway, this was a really good read, good on ya girl
9/18/2003 c5 2glory02
Oh hey just read it. That was your first Fic? Well it is pretty good. I like the plot! But one thing when Tc called this DJ wouldn´t Chris and Cory recognize TC voice? I mean a voice doesn´t sound so much different over a phone. Anyway good work. Is the 5th chapter the last? And are you writing some more stories? Hopefully!


PS: You should write in the short summary a warning that the fifth chapter is rated R because I don´t know if it´s enough to put a warning in the chapter that is rated R and we don´t want that the FF.net police deletes this story right?

So I would advise you to do that.

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