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6/22/2006 c10 Laochra
Good story so far, but you're very crazy with your apostrophies. You just sort of stick them in anywhere and you forge about them when they are needed. Work a tad on the punctuation!
2/2/2004 c37 17Darkmaster2
...well Tao wasnt a name I thought I'd see...
Shido: Same here...*snuggles close to steph*
What is it Shido?
Shido: Nothing...but we have a daughter in this story...*smiles*
2/2/2004 c36 Darkmaster2
DAMN YOU! I want to read more! ^_^
1/15/2004 c35 Darkmaster2
Shido: Z...*asleep in coffin*
Very nice!
Shido: Z...
Write more soon. ^_^ -_-...Z
1/7/2004 c34 Darkmaster2
hehehe...Shido isnt back yet so I got to review and he didnt...
Shido: I wouldnt say that *smile*
When did you get here?
Shido: I have been here reading over your shoulder the whole time.
Shido: I really loved this Chapter Nicolle! *picks up steph and puts her in my room* Write more soon! ^_^
1/5/2004 c33 Darkmaster2
I was hyper...
Shido: ^_^ I got a hug
Shido: *looks at steph* I love you...
aw...*hugs Shido*
We love this chapter. Write more soon ^_^ ^_^v
12/27/2003 c32 5lilegyptiangoddess
v. good chappie...I love it.. I can't wait to find out how cruel the Goblin king could be since he got what he wanted. I wonder if Nicole will go all depressed or will she forge onward...dear Gods so many ways.
12/26/2003 c32 17Darkmaster2
Shido: It's nice Jareth's a king and all, but... and least I dont have people knocking on my door. ^_-
12/26/2003 c31 Darkmaster2
Shido: *puts hands on manhood* Ouch...
Write more soon. ^_^
12/26/2003 c31 lilegyptiangoddess
yet another bloody wicked chappy my dear girl! Gods keep it up. I have only one demand...more interactions between our beloved Goblin King and Nicole. For a Fiction of this length I had expected more of ... reaction ... from either of them. Anyways write more and update soon.
12/22/2003 c30 Darkmaster2
12/19/2003 c29 Darkmaster2
Shido: Yay me!
whatever shido.
Write more soon damnit!
12/14/2003 c28 5lilegyptiangoddess
great chappie...*yawn* thanks for giving some thing to read this early before work.
12/10/2003 c28 17Darkmaster2
Shido: *clings to steph* cool..
Let me go please.
Shido: Going to have to make me *smirk*
We love this chapter. ^_^ ~_^
12/10/2003 c27 Darkmaster2
I LOVE IT!...poor Nicolle...
Shido: But it was private.
So i get you to tell me private things *big eyes*
Shido:...damn you got me...
Write more soon! ^_^ -_-
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