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for Leaving Home

8/5/2015 c2 Mary
I love how you give her faith in God! And mention how kurt prays! Thankyou! This will be so much easier to read now! Being a catholic it gets hard to put up with characters who are so darn depressed because they have no faith.
7/21/2013 c6 Guest
4/23/2013 c6 Misty BlueMisty
Oh, and sorry, but one more thing, "just because the man could heal, didn't mean he couldn't feel."? Eh, I rather loved that one, as well. And wholeheartedly agree with it, too! :)
4/23/2013 c6 Misty Blue
Ah, now we're getting to the heart of it all. Seems that Rogue returned for an even greater purpose than just a vacation, though, no?

Oh, the end of this chapter, I wholeheartedly agree. I, myself, had been totally blind since birth, and I completely know how not only useful, but almost like the eye themselves the hands are. I, too, find it hard to handle things, eating and stuf, with gloves on. Which my mom had made me put on, because of the cold whether, when I went to school. But yeah, anyway, so true.

Oh, by the way, a sudden random question; what was in Kitty's new computer disk given to her by 'Rogue? Just a thought... She seemed pretty excited about it, what ever it was.

Another awesome, lovely chapter! Please continue this fic, though! I totally enjoyed reading every single part.
4/23/2013 c5 Misty Blue
Aww, what a chapter. Things are finally starting to get going now, eh? But this is how we like good stories.

A simply marvelous, full chappie! A look into the characters, the beginning of the plot. All so great.
4/23/2013 c3 Misty Blue
Aw, come on, Logan. She's not like Kitty. ...I think? Haha! Plus, she got you the cutest gift! Aww!

Ah, the Rogue really has learned a lot in her time away, hasn't she? Nice, though.

Oh, I love this chapter! Can't wait to read the rest!
4/22/2013 c2 Misty Blue
Oh, brilliant! Just... ah, super brilliant! This chapter and the first one, oh, dear... you hit the mark.

You described Rogue's story so perfectly. The people that make her life (Logan, who, by the way, I cannot believe had shared his little Jean secret with his star girl! Yes, that's what I called Rogue; Logan's star girl. Any problem with that? And Remy, and the good Prof, of course), and just what and how much they all mean to her; you've made us understand it all so well here!

Hmm, her chosen family... I couldn't agree with those words more.

Please keep this wonderfully-written piece up and going! Why, only the second chappie and I already feel so taken by the excellent plot you've put out. Exciting yet interesting. Makes complete sense yet not tedious. Plus hey, I am rather enjoying and loving Rogue's new role. Can't say the same for said girl, though. And can you blame her? They ate all her ice cream, for ice cream's sake! Now who wouldn't feel cross about that? :)

Such an incredibly great and awesome chapter! Haha! I'm getting too redundant here...
3/3/2013 c6 anlmoon
This is a great story and the writing is very descriptive. Very reflective and with many interesting ideas. I like all the characters and interactions especially between Logan, Rogue and Gambit. Please continue
3/8/2010 c4 8SSfan
11/18/2006 c6 11Dawns Heart
Very interresting. Was it an inteded pun, considering Irene was literally blind. I hope that you have not abandonned this sotry, it is, to put it simply, fantastic. Rogue is all grown up and on her own.

Until an update, I bid you adieu. TTFN.
11/18/2006 c2 Dawns Heart
Great chapter. I can understand how that might be confusing! ;)
8/10/2006 c6 3silverspun
you know i read this story awhile ago and i loved it then but i didn't review just because i was busy as hell at the time. eventually i lost the link to this story and i was like 'oh well i'll find it soon' but then i couldn't. obviously i don't have much of a life but i searched for it on the search engine and after multiple tries with the mention of 'rogue travelling' or 'rogue travels' i finally hit gold when i typed 'rogue leaves the x-men'... and i read it again just today...

you know this is the only story i've read that has rogue making her own way like this, thats the kind of originality i like. im sure i read something that had rogue acting like xavier's apostle or something which i didn't mind but i've got to say i like this a whole lot better. she's not starting a school or anything but still holding up her own ideals... x-men has always focused on the black and white you can definately say one is bad or one is good. and i like that she is questioning that and that her own view itsn't as black or white as xavier's or magneto's.

now i don't know if your still writing this story and since your last update was back in 04 im not expecting it, but i really like this story and im looking forward to more

7/31/2006 c6 ScrewyLouie12
its been over a year and half! update!
6/3/2006 c6 wink-murder
this story is great. i really hope you plan on finishing it.
6/3/2006 c6 NightmareMonster
you are a very good wrighter.iv never see a fanfic writen so well. very good story and plot.plz update soon
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