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12/4/2010 c6 goodperson
good story
10/15/2010 c6 kung-fugirl
ah man I hate when you stop there and it was getting to the good part! anyways great job on the story and chapter update when you can! ^-^
7/12/2009 c6 21Peaceful Dragon Rose
good chapter
5/4/2008 c6 Breaking-Midnight
i love this story!

please please please please please update soon!
8/17/2007 c6 rikku
wow amazeing keep it going! its so awsome
8/7/2007 c6 4Shichinintai's girl
common girl! UPDATE! it's very cool your story! update soon
5/23/2006 c6 jayne
i love it , let me know what happens to shippo too!
5/4/2006 c6 3Nikita-Pup
Lol! OMG i want to read more and your writing is awesome! can't wait to read more!
1/28/2006 c6 poppernot
Thats cool! More plz! ^_^
7/6/2005 c6 SnowLeopard7
Pretty cool story so far. I really enjoyed it. Can't wait till the next update. Keep up the good work.
5/24/2005 c6 3Kags14
The story is the bomb. i have been looking for this story 4 such a long time and i finally found it.
4/19/2005 c2 4detective1412
wow more!
3/28/2005 c6 3Reckless Guru
I liked it very much! ^!^
3/10/2005 c6 4The Akai-Sakura
O_O I can't believe I missed all of this! I'm sorry I haven't reviewed! Gomen nasai! .:bows before you:.

Then again, I haven't been on lately either...

You amaze me with your supercoolwritingness. Dead serious. the plot is getting so good, like: what is Naraku up to? Why is 'Yasha's mom in on it? Where the heck is Shippou? And (the biggest one of all) WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO UPDATE?

Thank you for Rin not getting sold into slavery, because that would have sucked. A lot.

I'm sure now you've had enough of my senseless babbling, so I shall bid thee farewell. .:waves madly:. BYE! ^_^


2/8/2005 c6 CatHanyouNelia
gr! BITCH! how evil! cliffie! i hate hate HATE THOSE! i must must MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! plerrt please? with sugar on top and candy and wipped cream?
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