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for Rainy Days and Sundays

1/20/2005 c1 15Puffy Tribulation
This is simply beautiful, true to the characters true to the game. You are a wonderful writer!
8/30/2004 c1 3A.Jaye
10/6/2003 c1 13Aberlemno
Something about rain isn't it, I keep hearing about writing challenges that have to have rain in it and I really don't know what it is. You'd think one of them would be a bit original and at least have it raining *frogs*. Or fish. Like haddock. (Or didn't it rain cats once. Or was that cats with wings? I must apologise for my thought processes, I realise no normal person would ever say this shite.) Or they could have a meteor storm. Or. . . .

/**Now leaving pointless spraff zone**/

What? Sane? Me? I'll try. . .

This was as always a very good story, rain is the best kind of weather anyway. There are some really sweet moments, like Yuri sticking out his tongue to catch raindrops. The whole Alice-praying thing is good too. If she's going to hit stuff with a bible she really ought to be acting like a proper Christian. I also like the image of her trying to step between raindrops. I like Alice here, and she just annoys me a bit most of the time . . . I dunno why, I think it's the squeaky voice. When I'm reading fanfics she does not sound like that in my head, otherwise i couldn't even bear to read anything with Alice in it. I'm still pointless-spraffing, amn't I? Ack. Back to saneness classes for me than.
10/5/2003 c1 11CypherKitty
I really dont know how you do it.

The chacters are totally right and its just typical of the weather.

Im not doing a pointless review just that i cant find any thing to critise about.

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