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9/25/2023 c29 Guest
Love SasuSaku so freaking much and Naruhina and Tsunade and Kakashi Sensei and Ino.
8/22/2023 c29 Guest
SasuSaku forever and always aka Red string of fate aka soulmates because no matter the time or distance or circumstances good or bad the string is simply Unbreakable and we real fans and stans adoringly love them BELIEVE IT. You wrote a great realistic story because SasuSaku romance is no peaches and cream but they do love each other loyally and unconditional and again great writing job top tier kuddos.
6/6/2023 c29 Guest
SasuSaku forever and always aka Red string of Fate aka soulmates because no way no matter the circumstances good or bad the time or distance the string is simply Unbreakable.
5/29/2022 c14 Guest
Typical suckura. Blaming someone else for her troubles, then crying. She's pathetic.
3/26/2022 c25 Lolipaopao
Don't please don't tell me that the baby was... That the baby was... Nooooooooooo! Enough! So much pain! But I still read this story..
3/26/2022 c13 Lolipaopao
I feel so guilty for hating him! Oh kami-sama! And Author-san! But I still hate him! Aghhh! If he let her go why did she still there... How about Kaka-sensei?.. .. Aha! Please give me Kaka-sensei please!
3/26/2022 c12 Guest
"He doesn't deserve you," Kakashi-sensei said, FR FR FR FR FR, for real! I'mma ship KakaSaku! No one can stop me! But that didn't mean I don't ship SasuSaku I just hated Sasuke-kun so muchhh!
3/26/2022 c11 Lolipaopao
I wish Kaka-sensei doesn't have romantic feelings for her... But if it has it's so okay I rather choose Kaka-sensei instead of brat, arrogant, evil, and the real pathetic Sasuke
3/26/2022 c10 Lolipaopao
So sweet Kaka-sensei and please tell her to break up with him!
3/26/2022 c9 Lolipaopao
BREAK UP WITH HIM! I'm a b'out to jump into the story and kill this duckasshair!

And also I rather choose lee-san instead of Sasuke-kun for you Sakura-chan! Or better revive Itachi or Sasori or... Or any hot guys!
3/26/2022 c8 Lolipaopao
Break up? He didn't even really treat really as a wife! But Yes Break up with her please! Sakura-chan! Your decisions hurts me too! please! I beg you! I'm actually straight but I will be lesbian just for you! Jk... But I truly loved her!
3/26/2022 c5 Lolipaopao
Well after all that was sweet... ...
3/26/2022 c4 Lolipaopao
Noooo! this literally scared me to love! ... Back off! Baka-sasuke-kun! Nooo! Love really made you weak too! That's why I'm now scared to love! ... I'm younger than you think... And don't think I'm like 10 I'm above 10 years old
3/26/2022 c3 Lolipaopao
Author-san you literally breaks my heart ...
3/26/2022 c2 Lolipaopao
Ouch! Baka! this hurts ouch! Give me Sakura-chan instead! Author-san please give me Sakura-chan! I also lives in Konoha too! Jk... I will just gonna jump into the story and marry her! But it's different because I truly loved her!
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