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3/18/2008 c6 g2fan
More soon please. Wendy
3/18/2008 c7 g2fan
Please update. It's been almost a year since the author's note. More soon, OK. Wendy
8/5/2005 c6 6Hiei-Youko-Fan
Great! Keep updateing! (is this gunna be a kag/sess fic?)
6/16/2005 c6 MissBug
I just came across this story and I really like it. It looks like you haven't updated in a couple of years, but if you see this, there are some people who would really like to read the rest.
4/29/2005 c6 5DamagedDreamer
I really like this story! but r you going to up date? its been over a year? o well please update soon! PLEASE

1/20/2005 c6 Tia Kutschera Fox
Hurry the heck up nand update!(that's my way of saying ,EXCELLENT!)
7/12/2004 c6 2Miss Inocent
Hey! Thisis realyl good! I really like the Idea of having Naraku in that story. you rally know how to write a good story. so IS Inu Yasha gunna come and take Kags back, or is she gunna fall in love with Sesshomaru?
12/24/2003 c6 5Funeral Doll
Its a sessh/Kag fic ^^
12/24/2003 c6 valou
hey i love youre fic and it is gonna be a sess/kag or a inu/kag fic?
10/18/2003 c5 wackoramaco87
halla again!

ouu... plz keep updating sooner and sooner! ^_^

p.s. i read the moon princess story too just the other day... i was confused with the ending though... so she goes back to her ppl with the prince? and forgets about her adopted parents? and the emperor of japan mourns for her forever? (at least that's how the story i read made it sound like!)
10/15/2003 c5 5Level7Gretchen
10/15/2003 c5 kaggysesshygurl

its good its good!

update it update it *screams and throws a tantrum*

hurry up with the updating!
10/14/2003 c1 2One-Sided-Love
i like it so far...and by the way...its spelled `kikiyo
10/14/2003 c5 15Death Phoenix
Make Kagome demon. Sess/Kag ROCKS! Update really really soon!
10/14/2003 c3 2Gilded-Daemon2007
Your story is good so far. you may want to reread this chapter though cause i noticed several times you used the wrong word (an actual word though) in a sentence. and example would be when you spelled bread instead of breed. just a tip and i'm not trying to be rude, just helpful. keep on writing.
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