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7/27/2005 c20 2Kristianlynn
Wow. i loved it, that was so incredible. I am truly a now dedicated fan of yours. Keep writing great things.
3/1/2005 c21 24Soccer-Bitch
really cool story. i liked it a lot.
12/25/2004 c21 Sarah
I loved it and love other stories by you. Keep it up!
10/12/2004 c21 rankokun alpha
excellent keep up the good writing!
9/25/2004 c21 3MY TIME TO SHINE
This was a really great story. I thought is was comical and romantic.

Being an American, i found some of your phrases difficult to understand.

For example: What is a "git"? That was said alot threw the story!

All is good though. The story was great and i would definetly read your next one!
1/29/2004 c1 Zhaan
Love the story so far. What's a beta?
Oh and please finish the story.
12/12/2003 c21 5Kendarath
gyah! *clutches at heart* and here I thought you were going to add some horrible twist at the end to make it all sad and I was going to have to beat you. Don't do that to me! :D it was a great end. And that you for explaining that giggling thing, there are those of us out there who have *teary-ed eyed* not been able to watch all the episodes and have /no/ idea what's going on with the giggling thing. *sigh* keep up the good work!
12/6/2003 c21 100the female apophis
can't wait for your next story! i'll be looking for it in my inbox!
i have no idea about Apryl. so i can't help you out there.
anyway, much love to ya!
-the female apophis
12/6/2003 c21 liechtensteinerin cant be bothered to log in
Don't you mean "started" to write. It started a long time ago, and if you're not joss and your reading this- ha ha ha. I've read some of it already. He he.
12/3/2003 c20 18CharmedAli
12/3/2003 c20 100the female apophis
so this is the end?
not even cool...
although, i really liked the way in which you ended this story.
it was the perfect ending for it!
much love to ya!
12/2/2003 c20 5Liechtensteinerin
Wohoo! Nowt better than a wedding ('cept remembering how to spell your middle name. It always helps when trting to log in. I mean, how hard is it to spell Virginia? Never mind me folks!)
12/1/2003 c19 Liechtensteinerin
Hey! Nick my stories title for your chapter! Rudeness! But good chap anyhoo.
11/30/2003 c19 Lynn
Yeah! They are gonna get married. I still am loving this fic and cannot wait for another post :)
11/30/2003 c19 100the female apophis
you've updated!
you go you!
much love to ya!
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