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11/30/2003 c19 18CharmedAli
plz continue i luv this story
11/30/2003 c18 5charlie-sjer
How cute! I love babies :)
11/29/2003 c18 100the female apophis
i *so* know what you mean about losing interest in a story, i'm currently there myself.
anyway, loved the new chapter, was incredibly good (as always!)
much love to ya!
11/29/2003 c18 18CharmedAli
aw cute, this is really cool, can they plz get married
11/29/2003 c18 5Liechtensteinerin
Really great chapter- but at the top of your page you say you have a beta and at the bottom you are aking for one! Other than that- I enjoy!
11/29/2003 c18 Lynn
I will be sad to see this end, but I am hoping that Jack will break down & ask Sam to marry him - he will won't he? Waiting for more as always!
11/25/2003 c17 5Kendarath
aw... that's so sweet... I saw the chapter of the title and I was like 'ah!' *re-reads what she just wrote* wait a minute... I mean the title of the chapter, sheesh, I must be really tired to screw that up. Anywho, I loved Sam's little 'question' there at the end, very funny. :D
11/25/2003 c17 100the female apophis
w00t w00t!

i love it!

and YAY she's pregnant!

much love to ya!
11/24/2003 c17 18CharmedAli
wow that is soo cool I can't wait 4 more
11/24/2003 c17 5Liechtensteinerin
Aw, baby!
11/22/2003 c16 18CharmedAli
11/22/2003 c16 5Liechtensteinerin
Jacob heard. Ha ha. I'll bet he's jealous. A guy that old would never get any!
11/21/2003 c16 5Kendarath
wooh! lol, Spanish Inquisition... great... I /did/ say I'd be your beta if you wanted me to. :D I'd /love/ to!
11/21/2003 c16 Lynn
Yep, get a bunch of us girls together and all we do is ask questions :) I am still lovin this fic, so keep writing!
11/21/2003 c16 100the female apophis

personally, i don't think they would be acting like that in front of everybody at the base. they might be doing *that* at the base, but not in front of everyone.

anyway, i still loved it, but i thought the last chapter could have been a little longer, possibly describing the vacation and everything.

anyway, much love to ya!

-the female apophis
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