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11/18/2003 c14 18CharmedAli
good story
11/18/2003 c14 5Kendarath
squee! I love it! If you're still looking for a beta, I'd love to do it. (It's a great story) I'm pretty sure my e-mail's on here somewhere but it's if it's not :D
11/18/2003 c14 5Liechtensteinerin
You gave Teal'c pierced ears!
11/17/2003 c14 100the female apophis
i don't know where you get the time to write this stuff, but hey, i'm not complaining!

much love to ya!
11/17/2003 c13 the female apophis
what is it with you and the cliffhangers?

i still love them!

much love to ya!
11/16/2003 c13 18CharmedAli
good question

I love the story, can't wait for more
11/14/2003 c12 CharmedAli
did they take their blues? neway this is a really good story so plz continue
11/14/2003 c12 5Liechtensteinerin
the TT Motorbike Races on the Isle of Man was where my Uncle totally trashed his new leathers! Way to go by mentioning it! (If you include it in the story, my uncle better win-or else!)
11/14/2003 c12 100the female apophis
i'm really getting into this story.

*please* update soon!

much love to ya!
11/13/2003 c11 the female apophis
oh i hope they both diplomatically tell Marie where to shove it!

much love to ya!
11/13/2003 c11 5Liechtensteinerin
Kill her off, no, not Sam, Marie. Go on you know you want to.
11/12/2003 c11 Lynn
Cannot wait to see Sam's reaction to someone intruding on her and Jack's dance. I am imagining a very possesive Sam, so post more soon!
11/10/2003 c10 18CharmedAli
cool plz continue i luv this story
11/10/2003 c10 5Liechtensteinerin
Ah, but you haven't mention where his tatoo of Earts Point of Origin is! ;-)
11/10/2003 c10 Lynn
I wonder if RDA has some tatoos? Anyone want o help me look ;) Great fic and still reading cannot wait to see what is in store next!
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