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1/16/2004 c5 shamed lycanthrope
Hey, I just remembered I never reviewed the last chapter! So sorry, dear, but it was great, as was this one, of course! I love the way it seems so plausible, and just like the films. Nothing too serious, just a lovely little confection to brighten my day. Thanks, hon. I needed it.
12/30/2003 c4 Quimby
Schiz...this is so cute and so sad at the same time. Very nice.
And now I will leave you with a quote from the ever-loveable Charlie Conway:
"Goldberg, you're the goalie! It's *supposed* to hit you!"
Watch more Mighty Ducks.
12/27/2003 c3 7US Rock Star
I knew what they are going through... gotta hate the damned video games. :) Anyway, That was an awsome chapter. Terry has a pathological fear of window envolopes thats definatly odd... 0h well. Green Jello and stove-top... That doesnt even sound good.
Update soon
12/25/2003 c3 Francois Noir
hahaha. i always wanted to shoot that damn dog, too. cute chapter, schiz! ^_^
12/11/2003 c2 lycanthrope
Hmm, I can see this is very short, but who am I to complain? I haven't updated in ages. On to the story...
Hey, here's something we agree on: the way Fulton always makes things easy to understand, be it homework or opinions or whatever. Yay, us. And sweet, homicidal Fulton. I love you more than life itself. I meant Fulton, but you yourself, Ms. D.L. are steadily climbing the list. Most people suck all kinds of ass, I've found, but you and your stories are the antithesis to all that, at least for me. So rock, on, chickie! I gotta go review Games and Dating.
10/9/2003 c1 xixieaol.com
I'm so glad that you're back. I absolutely love this story. This pairing kinda blindsides you. I can't help but like it. So keep it up.

10/9/2003 c1 lycanthrope
Oh, my god, the unbearable lightness of being... brought on by the unbearable cuteness of this! Bad haircut-priceless! Fulton and Jesse-priceless, but most of all, Fulton never having been to a zoo and wanting to see real, live koalas, and kangaroos-priceless! Send them to Australia, Schiz! Have them run away together! Or, at least write the next part soon, how about that? Jesus, I had no idea there was such cuteness potential in this pairing; and I like how you've separated Terry and made him a loserish type. This kicks ass!

10/9/2003 c1 Francois Noir
bug, could i ask for more from this fic? i really shouldn't. we've got jesse, we've got fulton, we've got jesse/fulton LOVE! but i want to see more of terry! haha, that's how lame i am. poor kid, i feel for him and his lame new haircut. THAT'S WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU ASK YOUR 80-YEAR-OLD BARBER TO SHAVE SILLY SAYINGS INTO YOUR HAIR! erm...yes, that was not a sudden outburst. not in the least. it's cool to see you're continuing this. and DUDE, mobsters ROCK! oh man, i'm getting these really great mental images of mobster!jesse...yum...hehehe. oh, how i love that boy! a'ight, keep up the splendid work, schiz to the izzo.

squabbin' up in heah,


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