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11/21/2006 c1 kalyn
SENSEI, HELP MY PHONE IS DEAD!please call the home phone or come over here or somthing, i feel like im dieing, and i forgot to give rusty his book *smiles really big* my bad. and another wonderfulishiou thing to tell you, im haveing guy troubles, aka Jimmy Mcklain. damn it all to hell i like him but i can hardly sit near him without runing away, oh and im gonna kill thouse muthafuckers that keep messing with me.Help, PSYCO DOWN, PSYCO DOWN! otay well try to contact me.
5/22/2006 c1 DarkAlice
hey, banryuu! Your story is AWSOME! very funny, too! The miroku in sango's out fit thing...*shiver* This is one of your prodige's friends you met by the way, and i checked out the story like you told us to. its AWSOME!
12/8/2003 c1 krista
hey banryuu! very good no matter what you say! i like it! umm... better update it, and remember: e=mc squared yes well bye update so i can read more because i lovin it (mcdonald's gay-ass commercial that always gets stuck in my freakin head...) okay i'm leaving now... bye!
12/6/2003 c2 8Merfair
You have no idea how good this is and I know you'll say 'It's not that good' like you do with your drawings, demo it's excellent banryuu! I love it and your humor floors me! Thank you for crediting me with the circumsicion joke! I have no idea where it came from...really I don't! I'll see ya at school! You better update this too; I'll bug you to death if you don't. Don't worry fellow readers I won't let her forget to update! See ya Monday! ~Merfair!
12/6/2003 c2 Star-Arrows
WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! So good~! Don't you dare stop it or I'll-or I'll-umm, whatever! Just don't stop it!
11/16/2003 c1 ShadowKat
Nice start. I like the beginning. You might want to work on the spacing/format of the story, I got a little confused because of the run on paragraphs. But the meat (the story itself) was good! Just the stupid formating but who can control that? =D Good work!

~The Shadow That Takes Form as a Kat~

10/14/2003 c1 Merfair
I already read it! hahahaha...write more! I wanna read more...pouts* I'm in the computer lab right now! lol...ttyl...update Damnit! Lol...

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