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8/8/2004 c3 JE aka Yessina
Just realised that I hit the submit button to early since I had to check for the name of the archive (just found it recently)... and I forgot to add it... if your wondering about the archive... I found it at the 'The Wonderful World of Makebelieve' Archive.
8/8/2004 c3 19JE aka Yessina
I first read your fic at and fell in love with it... I first started reading it because of the crossover and I loved the arguments... but you got me addicted the moment you mentioned gregs crush on grissom... aside from the fact that its my fav pairing I love those tragic romances... I hope there will be an happy end (if only for greg)

I can't wait to read how greg will get along with all those at cascade PD and when the rest of his old team find out where he is...

Also... I couldn't help but notice that you didn't update since the end of last year... don't tell me that this fic will be left as it is... I hope to see an update sometime in the future (the earlier the better)...
6/24/2004 c3 5Meanthis
Interesting. Very interesting.

Hope there will be more of this soon. Greg meeting with the MajorCrimes Gang of Cascade could become quite... eventful.

Keep up the great work!
12/9/2003 c3 paints-the-sky
This has a good plot, but you need to liven it up a bit. Also, I don't think all the characters (excpet maybe Sara) are quite right. But I like it so keep writting!
12/9/2003 c3 Padfoot4ever
Great job! Cant wait for more!
12/9/2003 c3 9Silver Mirror
Fic is great so far!
11/29/2003 c1 1Chemystical
Dr Sanders...m...*smiles* i like that : P
Great story-write more CSI stuff please!
11/4/2003 c2 csifan1
Um...this is pretty good.I have self esteem issues too and am relying on you to make it good so I can learn something from Molly and Greg and act the same way,K


story title GregBut this is just the working title by DumbOlddork
10/27/2003 c2 Unity Kincaid
He has a crush on Grissom? That's so cute!
10/27/2003 c2 Elanah
Yay, slash! I'm glad to see this continued. Now I just want to see what happens at Greg's new workplace. And if he reconciles with Grissom...
10/26/2003 c2 Elina too lazy to sign in
I do care. This is an interesting story, though I'm not quite sure I like the Grissom/Greg twist - not because it's slash but because I've always detested the Greg's-Grissom's-lapdog thing they have going on on the show. But this story hasn't have to be like that, now does it? ;) I'm sure you'll make it work out better than that. Right?

I like this Molly person. She's funny. But I'm not sure if I got it right; so Molly and Eric are siblings, but I got an impression that Greg was also somehow related to them. It probably was just a feeling that glowed from between the lines, I'm not sure. Well, anyways, I'm glad Greg's apologizing to Warrick, too, cos I've always thought he cares for Greg, in his own, better-keep-yer-distance-sorta-way.

Well, enough with the ramblings, see ya when you update. I'll try not to miss it then. ;) (And thank you for reviewing my stories.)
10/22/2003 c2 B4SQueen
good stuff going on here...looking forward to the next chapter!
10/22/2003 c1 rebecca mcgullion
Good work. Hoping to see him lean toward Nick though instead of Grissom
10/21/2003 c2 Padfoot4ever
it's great Keep up the great work and update often!
10/20/2003 c1 Unity Kincaid
Funny sh*t. I especially liked the line about the fish and the last bit about Sara being a bitch (I have never liked her character so it's always nice to see an anti-Sara fic...).
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