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6/26/2004 c11 4FlIpsiMplicit
2/21/2004 c11 Meep
aw your so mean what a nasty cliffhanger.
I really wanted to find out if Kinvsey liked the kiss or not! No fair
1/1/2004 c11 6Ryuu no Furui Yami
O.O... OMFG! Damn, Reba has to be pretty drunk if she's gonna do what I think she's gonna do. (shudder) Please update soon! Ja ne!
12/29/2003 c11 15No Volume Control
Gah! @@ I've been reading in the Book section for so long ((Harry Potter if ya wanted to know)) that I jus completely forgot about all this stuff! And look what I missed out on? #.# I'm so horrible!
DemiDevimon: *cackles as he perches on top of the monitor* Right you are.
SD: *glances up* oo WHO THE FREAK ARE YOU?
DemiDevimon: *jumps, startled then glares irritably* I'm the world's strongest digimon!
SD: er . . . well, I think you might be lying on that one, but I know ya hafta be the CUTEST digi in the world! *^^*
DemiDevimon: *teeters from shock* CUTE? I'M NOT CUTE! I'M EVIL!
SD: Yeah whatever ^^ *grabs DemiDevimon and huggles* You're jus so CUTE Demi that it IS evil!
DemiDevimon: -.-U *struggles to free himself* Let go of me!
SD: No ^^ *glances your way* OO er, oops! Anyway, keep this up! I really like it! *^^*
12/29/2003 c11 11Magnet-Rose
there is no way to explain how funny this was!
Damn, we don't get snow where i live untill january!
Yes make him "accept the kiss" in a way like he just couldn't stop the kiss and stands there blinking like and idiot.
But that's just me.
12/28/2003 c11 Arika
Hehe...That was another great chapter!
I too think that knives accepting the kiss would be to fast...they need to go more slower...
I will leave this decision to the reviews and for you to write out our will...
I guess I won't take you plushie...for now...Muhuhuhuhu(cough)huahaha(cough)hahaha!
Stupid Maniacal Laugh! I never get it right...
Anyways...um...I don't know...I'll get back to you...
Ja Ne!
12/27/2003 c7 1Arika.D
I like to run.
Im running the mile now..
well not really but hey...I can say I am ...can't I
I am going to take a nice relaxing bath like Knives did in my story...On chapter 8 another reason to go and read my story...
I like putting all these reviews in a row all of them seconds from being written then I start on the next chapter...but now you've got 30 reviews...yeah!
So I have to say good bye for today...
and I will do my best to update soon.
Tell me everything you think of chapter 8 and review chapters you didn't have time to review with it...too...
Ja Ne!
12/27/2003 c6 Arika.D
Me want update me want update...(jumps up and down)
Are you annoyed?
I'm not I'm having fun.
I like Fighting video games...
Like Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
do you like video games
I like video games.
save your soul
Doomy is my nick name for you.
Do you like your nick name.
I like it
That's why I call you Doomy...
I need to take a break being random takes a lot of work.
Ja Ne!
12/27/2003 c5 Arika.D
You've got 28 reviews after I submit this review.So once I get to 30 I'll stop bugging you...for today...^^
Your not going to get the next issue of bugging the author today though...^^
I'm listening to no Doubt "New"
I love music do you like music...I do.
You need to update.
I like flowers.
The sky is blue.
Knives and Vash are hotties.
I am going to implode.
5 4 3 2 1...
I have a short intention spand today so i forgot to implode...
I'm so happy...
I'm so sad...
Im going to give you a wegy!
me likey...
And thank you for listening to random arika*.D I'll be here forever.
Ja Ne!
12/27/2003 c3 Arika.D
I'm back I got ride of Arika and Melanie for awhile...buhuhuhuhahahahaha!
Anyways buging peoples is fun...
Oh look a butterfly...
oh look a spider...
Knives:I hate spiders.
Debbie:Why did you kill the poor spider it didn't hurt you!...wa!
Debbie:I want you to meet a friend of mine.
Doomy poofs in.
Doomy:WOO HOO! KNIVES!(jumbs on him)
Knives is freaked out.
Doomy:KNIVES!Knives!Me love KNIVES(has hearts in her eyes and hold her one inch doll of knives.
I love you knives.
knives:I hate you.
Doomy:I love you still.
Knives:Can I go now.
Doomy:No!you can't I will not let you!(snap fingers)
A torcher chamber appears.
Doomy locks up knives.
Knives:What the * is going on here.
Debbie:A fangirls dream come true.
Knives:That's not good is it...
Debbie:Nope not for you...
Doomy:Okay bye Debbie were busy.
Doomy walks up to her dream come true and was about to kiss him when her alarm clock went off.
Doomy:NO!I was just a dream (sob)Wa!
Debbie:Ha ha!
Doomy:Shut up!(throws a boot)
Will Doomy ever have her dream come true or will Doomy die of a broken heart.
find out in our next addition of Annoying the author:2.Broken dreams...next one is called 3.still dreaming...
Ja Ne!
12/27/2003 c2 Arika.D
I can't wait for you to update!
Me need update from doomy!
(ahem)...um yeah...um...That just came out...he he...
Anyways you are going to update soon or I'm going to bug you!All day long with annoying reviews.^^
you can go over and remind or encourage me to update too.
Melanie:Will you stop bothing doomy!
Debbie:Nope not untill she updates.
Arika:You know you should be writing your story right now.
Debbie:But I need some encouragement.
Arika:encouragement huh?I'll give you encouragement.
Debbie:heh heh...um you don't need to give me your encouragement...
Melanie:Oh but we must insit on doing so...
Debbie:um...yeah...(runs like crazy )Ah!
Melanie and Arika run after her.
Debbie:My characters have gone against me.Oh well I knew this would happen.(snap figers)
Suddenly I look like I just stole some army guys artilery and uniform.(and I did...he he)
Debbie:Okay let kick some backstabing Characters butt.
Arika and Melanie come back is the fact that they send me to the ocean of impeding doom.(Read chapter 8 it doesn't have anything to do with the story but it's mentioned)
Debbie:Damn you I'll be back.In the mean time review my story or update your story...
Ja Ne!
12/27/2003 c1 Arika.D
Arika*.D says:
To review my story agian.
I have 8 chapters up now!
So doomsdaybringer come and get it and anyone that want's to check it out,But then of course come back to doomies' story and review hers too when she updates her wonderful story.
Um...and about the make knives real prog.Um it's getting better.So keep waiting and soon you will get your own knives to "play" with.^^
Ja Ne!
12/26/2003 c10 Arika
Yeah! Another good chapter!
I want to more romance but make sure it's not to fast...Like make it so it fits in.
ANyways Thank you for updating once again but you have to update soon or else I'll take your plushy and if you don't believe me...try me!
I'm going to update today so look for it
or e-mail me for a link.
bai bai!
12/26/2003 c6 Suzuka Blade
"I would die a thousand deaths before I let you harm another."-Pilgrim of Justice card
12/26/2003 c5 Suzuka Blade
"He doesn't have to be smart-his masters only ever give him one command."-Ogre Taskmaster card
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