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for A Ray of Hope

10/20/2019 c4 4ForestWren
This story is so sweet! Thank you for writing this wonderful little fic!
4/15/2016 c4 40Lotrfn
Great story. Love these glimpses into Legolas youth. Well done.
1/20/2015 c2 wenduo
Oww my so funny xD what a interesting and funny way to win a some wine... Well also very muddy and hard way xD
4/2/2009 c4 Ne'ith5
A very tender interlude between Glorfindel and Legolas. I loved your depiction of the Balrog slayer as a doting uncle/sudo-father to the young woodland archer. Well done this is certainly one of my favorite stories!
11/22/2007 c1 bluecobweb
another great story.
6/6/2007 c1 purist
adrenaline - an elvish term?
11/15/2006 c4 Midnight Promise
Warm fuzzies again!


I need a sequel to read to this! Some mistakes here and there but enjoyed reading it.


11/15/2006 c3 Midnight Promise
Awe! Warm fuzzies!


There should be another fic when Legolas is this young. . .hint hint!


11/15/2006 c2 Midnight Promise

Ah, gotta love those two, gotta love 'em.


11/15/2006 c1 Midnight Promise

I am not really seeing a plot either right now but I still want to read more because I know you will have one and I love these characters!


10/14/2006 c4 jada952
HOw nice to read about the King having great relationships w/ his family and long time friends. Enjoyable read.


6/6/2006 c4 10Evendim
May the stars shine ever brightly for you also, for this was a little oasis, this morning, I rarely ever read fan fiction,if I actually leave a review, then be assured, you touched me!

6/6/2006 c3 Evendim
In a word, KUDOS!

6/6/2006 c2 Evendim
Again, my compliments,well written, no, VERY well written, you know the background, the characters are solid, and IN chracter, and this is a delightful, and likely overlooked (sighs) fiction!

Well done, mellon nin!

6/6/2006 c1 Evendim
This is wonderful! In character, the little prince is a joy! Well done! I adore Glorindel, and also Thranduil! Especially when the writer manages to avoid making him a monster.

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