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for The kitsune's mother

10/21/2003 c1 crazy4inu
Love your short story. But a fox is called a kit when they are baby or not grownup yet. just thought i would let you know. but i loved it anyways or did she call him pup because Inuyasha is going to adopt him too becasue dog's call their kids pup. so if Inu was going to adopt him too then they can call Shippo their pup. right?
10/21/2003 c1 Gablock the Hated
This is sweet and wonderful. I would love to see more, for their are some wonderful oppertunitys for some great moments with Fluffy, Kouga, Iun, and hobo, and kikyo.
10/21/2003 c1 1Black Fire Kitsune666
aw that was so cute!
10/21/2003 c1 2ladyofthedragons1
KAWAII! i loved that... can you turn it into a non one shot and play with the whole new mom son relationship... come on couldn't you see hojo's face "yeah hojo this is my son shippo..." hehe
10/21/2003 c1 Tranador

very cute
10/21/2003 c1 3DestroyerDRT
Cool love the story. it is great.
10/20/2003 c1 Katzztar
Aw that was soo cute! I love a good story that features Kagome & Shippo as mother & son.
10/20/2003 c1 12Of Memories Past
Cute idea and touching story.
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