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12/5/2020 c4 Guest
12/5/2020 c3 Guest
I am honestly really confused...
5/22/2016 c4 80peppe1951
I loved this story...you wrote Face as being able to take care of himself, but still needing help from his team, his family and especially Hannibal. He still acts like the kid ihe is. I hope you wrote others like this one.
8/9/2012 c4 jinxcat21
Okay, awesome story! Last sentence leaves me wanting you to write a story about what happened when the team met Face! Please consider doing so! :)
6/3/2010 c4 Net Sparrow
I have read this story a while ago and I really liked it. Hannibal comforting Face. It was sweet and caring.
12/2/2009 c4 9SaintDogStreet
Awesome story. Love how you portray emotions without ever getting really out of character. Fantastic all-around.
9/12/2009 c4 Long Live BRUCAS
I love the father/son big relationship hannibal and Face have and the big/little brother he has with the rest.

I loved how he was protecting HAnnibal and then Hannibal finds out and takes care of him. The end was so funny when he called Hannibal Dad.

I wonder how old Face is supposed to be. I have read alot of stories that Face lied about his age and he really is younger than what he said to get in.
12/25/2007 c4 84supergirl3684
that was great~ I've never actually seen A-Team but I love this! Face and Hannibal seem to have a big bro/little bro fahter/son relationship going! :D

Q; do you know of any more fics with the same idea (big bro/little bro father/son) as yours? thanks!
4/26/2007 c1 Kestrel
Hey, I'm gonna read the whole thing but I thought I'd drop a review in case I forget.

Nice work. I like the atmosphere you have going here, the dialogue and actions seem true to character, all that jazz. You're even workin' the present-tense, which is bloody hard to do right, so good job there. One thing you might should watch out for is how you phrase things; a lot of your paragraphs could have more impact if they were arranged differently. For instance, you often chop a thought into two sentences where it should be just one. Commas and ellipses can be your friends-they give sentences more flow. It could be you were going for a choppy feel, but to my mind the action zips along more nicely when there aren't so many period speed bumps in the road. :)

Sorry for goin' all beta-reader on you there. Good work overall, as I said at first. 8)
11/20/2006 c4 14Lorency
Aw. Lovely ending and great story.
8/7/2006 c4 13IchthusFish
I love this on so many levels. The father/son type relationship between Hannibal and Face is just great and I can't get enough of it. I also love the fact that for all his bravado Face has enough respect and slight fear of his commanding officer to make him wonder if anyone will ever find his body after he shouts Hannibal down.

I find it completely in character that Face would take a beating for Hannibal, but he also needed to learn that they should sort things as a team.

Laughing my head off when Murdock spent the whole time talking about Pineapples lol. Didn't realise that he was so completely loosing the plot at that stage. Makes you wonder just what these boys saw over there to make so many of them end up in that state.

This is a great story. You should do some more A-Team stuff. You have a feel for the characters in a way that really stands out.
7/21/2006 c4 1Sarai
Aww, to sweet.
2/13/2006 c4 5Pureevil230
aww cute. hanibal calling face son and him calling hanibal dad.
4/11/2005 c4 Jullian
Great story thanks for a nice read.
1/28/2005 c4 17Princess Nat
Aww, poor Face. Very nice study of the growing relationship between Face and Hannibal (and the rest of the team). Having Face's mask crack under the honest concern of others is just heartbreaking and well done. Thanks for writing! :-)
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