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1/15/2005 c1 6crazytomboy1
Hey there, I'm loving this story so please get your butt off of the break for this fic and go on for more? I'd love to see this get better. *adds to fav stories list*
5/19/2002 c1 1Iaya R. White
That was kewl!
4/6/2002 c1 Evon
**chanting** chapter two, chapter two, capter two...
2/26/2002 c1 Evon
Wow cool fic. Can't wait for the next chapter
8/24/2001 c1 princessgarnet
hey i have been looking forwerd to your new chpters but i guess i have to wait well ill keep looking
7/4/2001 c1 princessgarnet
hey great story cant what for the next chapter
2/18/2001 c1 Dagger of Alexandria
Uhhn, that was really weird. I realize that its an AU OOC but, jeeze, thats Zidane... too weird.
2/15/2001 c1 A.K
It's an interesting idea for an AU, but the violence was gratuitous and unnecessary, and negated any sympathy I might have had for the character. Vampire stories have become so common as to be almost cliche, and need something really unique to rise above that status. This one, as far as I can see, did not. Also, if you're concerned about your proofreading skills, find another person to do it for you.
2/5/2001 c1 4TRKQC
Pretty good, I guess.
1/19/2001 c1 TJ
That was the best story ever! Whens your next one coming out
1/18/2001 c1 Trdent Josh
Well that was one of the greatest storys ive heard!

I like it you shold make a second to that
1/10/2001 c1 Armarant
Damn,...This is a definent kick-ass must read!I'd love to see a sequel sometime in the near future.Keep it up!
12/31/2000 c1 Sky
Hee hee, that was pretty cool. Definitely a surprise, the vampire thing I mean, I suppose I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. Good story, I hope you're gonna write more :)
12/31/2000 c1 Celduin
uuuummmmmmmmmmmm... a werewolf zidane? the heck were you thinkin, dude?
12/31/2000 c1 Crow Skywalker
I like it so far...I hope that you continue! ^^
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