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12/8/2015 c9 Guest
Outstandingly beautiful
12/30/2006 c9 joyrose
I have been avoiding this fic because two people very close to me have died of cancer and I just wasn't ready. Well, tonight i was ready. I loved this fic! It was sweet and beautiful. And I'm glad the ending was a lot happier than my experiences with that awful disease.

Please keep writing, even if it's not here. Although I would love it if you wrote here! :)
8/13/2006 c9 rajen48
beautiful...so BEAUTIFUL! I can't explain just how great this story is..it just is! Thank you so much for writing this.. Honestly, this is one of the best I've ever read! You blow me away =D
4/13/2005 c9 93rachgreengeller
this had to be the most beautiful story i have read in a while... you are very talented.
6/27/2004 c9 amelia
I just read this entire fic for the first time, and I must say this is now my official favorite fic! You capture so much emotion and a sense of realness (is that even a word?) in each chapter. Well done!
5/23/2004 c9 1987
As always great story! You should be writting books hun...
5/23/2004 c4 1987
I haven't finished it but I just had to say that ,"They had lived for so long in the sheltered utopia of Ross and Rachel that perhaps they had not experienced the full familiarity of what love actually meant. Love was an act- something you do everyday. It’s a constant struggle, but it makes you better for those struggles, in the end. It’s a painstaking battle. It’s a bloodless, faceless war that you can’t help but fighting because the stakes are higher than life itself and the enemy lives inside. Yes, this is what love is, he thought. And I love her even more for it." are some of the best lines I have ever read...
12/22/2003 c9 FlFRIEND
A perfect end to an excellant story. Your story was very much addictive, please write more soon. :)
12/21/2003 c9 1rachel-green-geller
OMG...*tear, tear* that was so good...*sniffle, sniffle* i swear to god i cried, it was so good! Danke (thankyou in German)
12/21/2003 c9 17Melanie Geller
This was so good! I'm so happy it ended happier. I'm glad they got what they wanted-a baby! :) Please write another amazing story like this soon! And to all those people who have been reading this and not reviewing(you know who you are!) shame on you! ;) This story deserved tons more of them!
12/14/2003 c1 12Exintaris
This is the only way I can get through to tell you that messages to your email address keep being bounced back as refused, since this is the only chapter I have not reviewed. I realise I *am* almost your only reviewer, which is a shame, but similar things have happened to me with some of my fics. At least you have another admirer now.
12/13/2003 c8 Exintaris
Well, I suspect may be the only "fellow" or "chap" reviewing, but I don't suppose you're addressing just me!
It is good to read this very sympathetic portrait of both of them (having recently read a very unsympathetic portrait of Ross), and this is a cracking cliffhanger. Very good emotional stuff.
12/13/2003 c8 17Melanie Geller
OMG, *how* has this story not gotten more reviews? This is by far the most brilliant thing I have read here in a while! You are amazingly talented at writing! Please don't kill poor Rachel! This is so sad and so good. You certinaly have a way with words! This had better end happy! Great job!
12/11/2003 c7 12Exintaris
I'm surprised you've had so few reviews for this well-written if sad story (but not decadence - decline, maybe?). I'm looking forward to some light - soon, please?
12/1/2003 c6 Exintaris
And this was good too. I liked the first scene, I laughed out loud at the Scrabble scene, and okay, I'll go with the possible pregnancy. Ross is generally behaving better than he does in the series (the asshole). Yeah, even though she does have cancer, this is good life-affirming stuff.
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