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1/6/2007 c1 33trecebo
Another well written piece. I like your style. And I can remember some of the episodes. I've seen some recently and it is great to be able to put picture to word.
11/5/2003 c1 68Skybright Daye
Dear Aunt Neva, this is marvelous. Just. Bloody. Marvelous. This is the kind of rare gem that it makes my day to find here - and it is going directly to the favorites list.

Your use of the headlines works perfectly to tie the different stories together, and the overall tone of the piece is just amazing. there is a marvelous feeling of suspense and inevitability as it counts down to the final hours, and a poigniant, bittersweet sorrow during the scene at the bar . . . followed by a note of (dare we say it?) hope with the final headline. (Marvellous touch, I must say). This story perfectly captures all of the thoughts and emotions that would go along with that terrible weekend - lovely. Lovely.

(Forgive my exceptionally long review - but this is just so wonderful! It's been ages since I've read an A-Team fic this good.)

I go now to rummage in my backpack for some tissues to stem the tears that are now seeping down my cheeks. Thank you for a wonderful story,

11/4/2003 c1 1redlady27
Loved it! Great story!

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