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for Endure

8/31/2006 c1 Akkarin11
That was...chilling. Extremely well written, but definetly not what I was expecting.
11/22/2003 c1 20Colorain

That was . . .

okay, I know how cliched this sounds, but there are no words for that.

It is a shame and a pity and most definitely a sin that more people have not reviewed this.

I am putting it on my favorites, as it both frightens and thrills me to read.
11/14/2003 c1 8Kyra2
Well, that's a very dark look at what the end of the game could be. Can't say that it's entirely unbelievable though. I can see how the final quickening could overwhelm even Methos. And dying rather than facing the madness would be..nice.

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