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for Eyes Once Closed

4/16/2004 c2 24omasuoniwabanshi
This is one of the few stories I've read that actually captures the characters of Mirielle and Kirika perfectly. As I read the lines you wrote for Mirielle I could actually hear the English speaking actress in the dubbed version saying them. (Well, not actually audibly, but mentally - your words fit the character so well!) Thank you for not treading into hentai territory, and keeping Mirielle and Kirika's relationship sisterly. I hope your essay went well, despite the time you spent on your story!
12/6/2003 c2 13Seravy
This was really sweet and well written overall. A nice aftermath to the series. Those moments between Kirika and Mireille were also beautiful. Maybe a few spelling mistakes here and there, nothing big, and dialogue on Mireille's part in chapter 2 felt a little too revealing. Either than that, keep it up. I like this.
12/2/2003 c2 Spritedust
Again, you are the first author I've read to rise out of the mire that is Noir fanfiction and actually portray something that I can truly say has no negative points. Your characterisation is pretty much spot on and the shoujo-ai is subtle yet wholly endearing. Best of all, Kirika's not remorseless and bloodthirsty, a narrow-eyed dominatrix or simply cold-hearted and apathetic, character types I've seen in many a fic. We don't see much of her in this chapter, but what we do see has just the right balance of cuteness and fragility, and the description of her walking around touching things like a ghost that can't move on is a particularly poignant characterisation - either someone's done their research into post-traumatic behaviour or is just a damn good guess. ^_^; Meanwhile, Mireille still has trouble overcoming her emotional blocks but has just the right amount of warmth for Kirika to help her broach the distance between them - a wonderful characterisation of her. The only possible glitch I can think of is, after standing aside and letting Noir walk out of the Manor alive, are Soldats really going to come back for them? They've practically said, "fine, be gone with you, saves us throwing a shipment of faceless minions in front of you every episode". But other than that, this is a wonderful piece and it would be a crime if we never saw another Noir fic from you again.
Oh, and good luck with that essay. ^_^
11/29/2003 c1 23Syaoran no Miko
Lovely. Thank you for sharing.
11/8/2003 c1 2Fenrir-444
Very good characterisation and, apart from a few missing/misplaced word/sentance endings, quite well written. Please say you will continue to write Noir fanfiction, I enjoyed the anime very much and good fiction based on it is so hard to find.

Good luck with future writings,

11/8/2003 c1 Spritedust
One of the very, very few Noir fanfics I've read on this site that truly captures what I think Kirika's emotions would be after the series - and though it's a little hard to tell from just this story, I hope against hope that the implication is that they don't have to be assassins again, if they don't want to. I see so few stories that echo that viewpoint on FF.net. I'm currently working on my own post-series story and I'm pleasantly surprised at how similar our outlooks are! I'd love to see more where this came from, too - you obviously have a solid grasp of the characters and the emotions of the series, something I see very rarely in Noir fanfics, FF.net or otherwise.
11/7/2003 c1 1Nekira Sudacne
Very nice. I like it very much. nothing else really to say. to try to analize it would be to degrade it.

11/7/2003 c1 suppiyoko
This is very well written. Everyone is in Character. I like it! Although I do wish you didn't stop where you did. BUT ILOVE IT MAKE MORE PLEASE!

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