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for Not all muggles, are muggles, & Salazar admits it!

8/2/2017 c7 1bluebird397
Umbridge running from 'clip clop' noises is from the ending of the Fifth book. They were in the Hospital Wing. I haven't read the book in a while, so I don't remember the exact wording.
12/20/2015 c11 1Calmzone1
good story, a little too disjointed with not enough filling in of information. The story idea is great. Please expand a bit more. Remember, if you are having to explain related information in your author's notes, you should probably work it into a story. I attended a writer's workshop once. We all reviewed an author's work, all of us, including the pro's were telling her about the story idea and what might make it better. She sat with a smug little smile on her face, with it developing into more and bigger of a smirk and eventually burst out with 'Well, obviously non of you got it'... and proceeded to explain the idea behind the story, which was brilliant, but not at all even hinted at - except with one sentence and even then you would have to turn it sideways and squint in order to even attempt to see it! We all then gave her ideas of how to re-work it so you could actually get the concept. LOL - sometimes people are too thick to get even the most brilliant idea if you don't write it out for them. :) Hope you finish it or re-work it one day.
12/20/2015 c6 Calmzone1
if dividing lines don't appear, just use a line of periods or 0's or something else as section breaks -0-
12/20/2015 c5 Calmzone1
good, but confusing with no identifiers for the dialogue as to who is speaking and no space/line break or section break indicators - that being said, I'm really enjoying it. I hope you do complete it one day - going to continue now
12/19/2013 c2 Guest
When does he figure out that the others are magical?
10/11/2012 c8 3Larisya
Wasn't the Founding about 1000 years ago? If so, it would be pre-Norman Conquest. It was in 1052, and for Harry, 1000 years back is still in the 900s. And now we all bemoan the lack of an en-dash on i-pads. I finally have the occasion to use it grammatically correctly in mid-sentence, and it ISN'T EVEN THERE! Woe!
8/15/2012 c11 1PyruxDeltax
Update? Soon? Please?
7/31/2012 c4 17Sar'Kalu
This isn't bad, but I'd suggest re-reading over it, there are a few mistakes and other things that a beta or perhaps a friend could pick up and correct for you. Also there are certain paragraphs and bits and pieces within the story that raise more questions than answers. From what I can tell when you write you seem to 'mentally' fill in the blanks, and thus leave it a bit loose for those who read it from a different perspective. I wouldn't worry about that, it happens to all writers, that's why editors were invented. Other than that, it seems like a good story so far. Good idea.
2/9/2010 c11 6Niwaki
nice! the only thing wrong is that it's confusing about who says what and scene change... you can easily do it with signs


3/30/2008 c11 AmandaBurke76
please update soon.
3/1/2007 c11 Salazar Godric luver very wonderful...please come back and write more!
8/9/2006 c11 3LandUnderWave
This story is wonderful! I can't believe you didn't get any reviews for that one chapter. I will now add it to my favorites list, to assist in getting you more reviews. Oh, and I /think/ you're still on this site. Thanks!
9/11/2005 c11 6insanechildfanfic
this is great
8/22/2005 c11 SlayerWitchGilmoreGirls
I love this story please update.
8/18/2005 c11 2neosildrake
The story is finally going to get somewhere! But the chapters are way too short! I start reading and ... zap... I'm finished. So, write more!
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