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4/18/2016 c1 73Dragon MoonX
This is adorable. Reading this brought back so many good memories of when I was a kid watching Dragon Ball for the very first time.

I always liked Pilaf and wanted to see him get his wish to rule the world. Nice to see that he finally got what he wanted, and that he and Goku were able to work things out and come up with a plan that would work. That's actually a really good idea, letting him have a four month trial period to see if he'll mess things up. I don't know why they couldn't do something like this in the show. I bet it would have worked out well if they'd just given him a chance.
3/30/2001 c1 gohan
very good.
2/3/2001 c1 3Meidara
This was so out there I totally loved it! I laughed my hinee off when Goku got lower to talk to him.. hehehehe
1/27/2001 c1 Son Gohan
Well i dont know how long per wish but Dende's dragon only grants 2 wishes.
1/2/2001 c1 Chuquita
Don't worry about the techniqualities, it was a great story, I enjoyed it. I've always wondered what happened to Pilaf after his castle was destoryed. I know he comes back in GT though.

1/1/2001 c1 I have no name
On the dubbed series, Dende's 1st Dragonballs (during the Cell Saga) have 2 wishes, and I don't know how long to recharge. 1 year?
1/1/2001 c1 Guest
different ending...
1/1/2001 c1 Sailor Leo
I like it. I am a big fan of Pilaf, so I think its funny.
12/31/2000 c1 Tachi who else
Hehe, interesting little fic. I liked it, though it's not as good as Regret-Me-Not or Regret-Me-Neither. I also noticed that while this fic is showing up in the listings, it's not showing up on your little 'page' on the site when I clicked on your name. I think you should wait a bit, if it doesn't show up then you should contact Fanfiction.net's staff. Bye!
12/31/2000 c1 Anja
^^ I like it, if only for the evilness of Juu and Bulma in the end. Those poor guys really don't stand a chance! Pilaf really IS the patron saint of the unlucky (and ridiculous). It was okay grammatically, but could have been a little more... lively in it's descriptions. I'm not sure if lively is the right word but... Anyway, overall it's pretty good.

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